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Sunday, July 15, 2018

Protection from the Weather

I had an interesting question 
posed to me, Glitterinas.

Do I use anything on outdoor painted items
to protect them from the weather?

Yes, I do.

I don't think I have ever mentioned 
what I use to protect finishes and paint
 on any of my exterior projects.

I'm so sorry!

This just never crossed my mind.....
silly me!

I use this clear, spray product on exterior items 
that I paint or glitter.

I can usually find it at  
any store that sells spray paint.

Here are two projects I protected 
with this clear spray.

I hope this old, rusty shovel head and this painted roaster 
lid will stand up to all the weather they'll 
be exposed to.

Both of these projects will be outside day in and day out.....

Thanks, Glitterina, for the great question!
I am so very glad you asked!

Hugs and glitter,

Friday, June 15, 2018

Two Ways to Dry Roses

Hello Glitterinas!

I want to share how to dry roses with you today.

I use dried roses in decorating,
in wreath making,
 in making pot pourri,

Long stemmed roses can be dried 
quite easily by 
hanging them on a wire coat hanger 
with clothes pins.

Six to eight roses will fit on most hangers.
Hang the hanger in a dry spot for 
the best results.

I hang my roses 
(and other flowers, too) 
near my hot water heater to dry out.

These roses will dry in a week or two.

They will be somewhat fragile, so 
handle them carefully as you 
use them in a dried arrangement or in 
an interesting craft.

Sometimes I want rose petals for a particular

To dry petals, I remove the rose heads 
from the stems.

Grasp the entire rose head 
gently but firmly...

.....and while holding the stem, 
push down on the rose head.

The entire head will come off of the stem.
The stems can be thrown away unless you have 
a project that will use them.

Lay the rose head on a metal cookie sheet.

Gently push the petals apart making 
a large circle of petals.

The tight center cluster of petals 
will need to be turned over and 
separated so all of the petals can dry.

Keep going with each rose until they 
are all taken apart and ready to dry.

Now the petals need a dry place to sit.

I placed this tray of petals on a shelf out in the garage.
Nothing will disturb the petals here 
while they are drying.

In two weeks, I had a lovely batch of 
dried rose petals.

These petals are destined to be pot pourri sachets.
I use organza bags that tie up with satin ribbons.

They make pretty little additions that
look so lovely tied on a gift!

I enjoy having plenty of these for my personal
use, also.

I hope you'll give these rose drying techniques 
a try the next time you have access to some 
beautiful roses.

Roses, roses,!

Leave me a comment so I'll 
know you stopped by!

Thanks for stopping by, Glitterinas!

Until next time,

Sunday, June 10, 2018

The Little Rose That Could!

Hello Glitterinas!

Thank you so much for stopping by 
Pink Glitter

When we moved into the house where we live now
there were so many things we were excited about!

We were on acreage....

we had two barns....

the house had been built in 1930
and had tons of personality.....

we had trees, trees, trees.....

and the list went on!

Out the back door there was a small bed of 
shrubs that were nice and full.

Struggling along in that same bed was one,
little, lone rose bush.

Well, rose bush probably isn't the best 
way to describe it....

It was one cane of a rose plant.

It struggled to get to some sunlight.... even bloomed with two tiny roses.

When husband decided to take it out,
I asked if he would plant it along the fence that runs by 
the driveway.

He did and told me not to be disappointed if it 
didn't make it.

Well, fast forward two years, Glitterinas,
and let me show you the little rose that could!

Isn't it beautiful?

This running rose reminds me of my 
grandmother's yard.  

She would let me 
pick lots of the blooms from her running roses 
and line them up all the 
way down the middle of her dining room table!

It was probably a big ol' mess for her to clean up the next day
but all she ever said was how pretty the table looked!

These old fashioned roses have 
such a wonderful fragrance.

This rose just keeps blooming and blooming....

.....look at the gorgeous color!

Isn't this one pretty, Glitterinas?

As the petals began to fade I gathered up some 
spent roses to dry.

I'll use them in pot pourri bags and other craft 

With each project, I'll remember how lovely 
this rose bush looked all covered with blooms!

This really did turn out to be 
the little rose that could!

I can hardly wait to see all the roses again next year!

What's blooming in your neck of the woods?

Leave me a note, I love reading 
all your comments!

Until next time,

Friday, May 25, 2018

Texas Mountain Laurel.....In Bloom!

Welcome to my back yard, Glitterinas!

When the mountain laurel in the back yard blooms 
I have to take some pictures! Every spring!

The bees also enjoy this large shrub 
with the lovely, lavender flowers.

These blooms don't last long, so like the 
bees, I have to enjoy them while I can!

I enjoy trying to get a good picture of 
those little, busy bees!

Not wanting a sting to go with my pictures, 
I don't get tooooo close.

This is my favorite picture
this year.....

I think that bee just paused and let me take it's 
picture!  Smile for your close up,
little one!

There are a few more plants that are 
waiting to be planted....

....and some plants coming back from 
last year.

They will all grow and bloom and 
I'll enjoy them all....


I think their loveliness just won't 
quite measure up to the 
Texas Mountain Laurel.

What do you have blooming in 
your area, Glitterinas?

Share a picture, please.

I'd love to see what's blooming 
around your place.

Thanks so much for taking time 
to read this post of 
Pink Glitter!

Until next time,

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Again With the Dining Table?

Yes, again with the changes on 
the dining room table.

I don't generally change up my tablescapes 
so frequently, but when opportunity knocks......

.....I answered the door and this attractive metal
piece was just begging to be styled!

Let's get busy, Glitterinas! 

I have some ideas that just might work!

What do you think about a Mason jar in each section?

Then I can put interesting things in each jar....

Well, let's just try it and see.

Blue and purple Mason jars would look nice together.
I know I have some of those in my stash.

I have a few purple things to use.

So I'll start with a vintage, white table cloth....

....with the purple and green table cloth 
folded in half and placed on top.


to the Mason jar stash.....

Let's load up the metal spinner, uh,



lazy susan,

divided tray.....

good grief, Glitterinas, I'm not even sure what 
this thing is called!

I think I'll call it an organizer!

OK.....let's load the Mason jars into 
the organizer.

OK so far!

Now I'll start filling up the jars with some 
interesting items.

Some vintage silverware.....

......some dried filler flowers.....

.......some vintage fish knives and 
a couple more forks!

Well, that fills up all six jars.....

but wait.....

I have an interesting piece of old lace.

Let's shuffle some of the silverware around......

......and place the lace into one of the jars.

I like it.....does that work, Glitterinas?

I don't have lots of purple things but this little 
lavender sachet will tuck in and look nice here.

Hmmm, how about two small candlesticks 
on one side....and a metal "W" on the other?

I think I can call that a finished tablescape,
don't you, Glitterinas?

I have another idea for this metal organizer.....

.....but more on that idea later!

Thank you so much for stopping by 
Pink Glitter!

What's on your dining room table?

Leave me a note so I'll know you were here.
I love reading your comments!

Bye bye for now,