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Saturday, July 22, 2017

LEGO Table

Our grand~darlings love, love, love 
playing with LEGOs.

We have a round table in the kitchen, and a 
large dining room table that are great for building 
but when it's time to eat, all the wonderful creations have to be 
put away.

That's not always a popular announcement....
"Clean up for lunch!" was followed by
"Oh man, Gigi, we're not finished....just look at 
this animal,
that I'm working on!"

Hmmmm, surely there's a solution for this pressing, 
extremely important and re-occuring problem!

While cleaning up Papaw's house we found several 
large, wooden trays.

One of these would be perfect for a LEGO table.

Paint was the first step in this transformation.

It doesn't look like one coat will be enough.... the second step in the transformation was 
simply another coat of paint.

Easy peasy!

The little edge on this tray will help keep
all those pieces corralled....I hope!

When the paint dried, I glued a LEGO 
building mat on one area.

Now, the grands have a place to work on their 
LEGO masterpieces for as long as they need!


When the LEGO table needs to be stored away 
we simply slip it under the guest bedroom bed!

Do you have a LEGO table at your house?

Please share your LEGO ideas with me,
I'd love to hear about them!

I'm so glad you stopped by 
Pink Glitter 

Thanks for reading, Glitterinas.

Until next time,

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Little Surprises......Mushrooms!

I'm heading outside for a walk, Glitterinas,
won't you join me!

We've been having some good rain 
lately that's keeping everything watered.

I'm thankful for every drop of rain 
this time of year!

One result of all this good moisture is 
mushrooms......they pop up all over the place.

Lots of colors, shapes and sizes.....
all poisonous.
(I don't really know that they are poisonous, but I'm 
not taking any chances with the grand~darlings....
so all the mushrooms and fungi growing at 
Gigi's are poisonous!)

It's sunny here today so spritz on 
some sunscreen.

Let's see if we can find some 
mushrooms to look at....

Here are some more....

......these are sturdy guys!

Sometimes I have to move a bit of grass to see 
these little surprises.

A stick can help me move the grass to get a 
better look....
ooooops, that's not a stick.....

......that's Mr. Snake who raised up his head as I 
started to pick him up.....eeeeek!

He gets to live because I can hear my friend 
DeeAnn telling me not to kill every snake I see.

Well, Glitterinas, let's continue our walk.....'s some colorful fungi growing on a fallen branch.

Most of these little mushrooms are neutral colors.

I think these are my favorites.....

....those bright red tops are so vibrant!
They really show up!

I've enjoyed our walk, Glitterinas,
thanks for coming along with me!

Let's go back to the house and have some does sweet tea with lemon sound?

Have you had any of these little surprises 
popping up around your house?

Leave me a comment so I'll know you've
stopped by, please.

Until next time,

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Stuffed Zucchini......A Yummy Recipe

I want to share a recipe that uses 
some delicious, fresh summer bounty,

Our garden is providing us with so
much tasty produce I have to 
cook with it every day to keep up!

Today I want to share a 
zucchini recipe with you.

Let's head to the kitchen and get busy.

Begin by slicing two zucchini in half 
lengthwise and removing some of the middle pulp.

Then in a baking dish that's been sprayed with non-stick 
spray, place some herbed tomato sauce and the 
cut zucchini.

Lightly salt and pepper each.

Bake the zucchini at 350 degrees for 20 minutes.

While that's baking.....

......brown a pound of lean hamburger meat.
I added some Herbes de Provence and some 
shallots....use your favorite savory hamburger spices.

And I set the table.

Now it's time to fill the zucchini with lots of yumminess!

Seasoned hamburger meat goes in first....

.....then some more of the herbed tomato sauce.

I used some homemade tomato sauce I made 
that had mushrooms in it.

My tomato sauce turned out pretty good this year.
Some years it's the perfect candidate for the drain....
but this year I guess the culinary stars were all lined up!

The last little bit went onto the plates.

I used this jar up but luckily the batch made 
a couple of large jars, too!

Next, I piled on some grated cheese....

.....and lastly I sprinkled a good amount of panko
bread crumbs over the top.

This dish is ready for another trip into the oven.

Still 350 degrees.....this time for 10-12 minutes.

I checked on my dish and it was all good and melty.

I like the top browned, so....

...... I turned the 
broiler on for a couple of minutes.

Watch this step not walk away 
from food browning under the broiler!

Ooooh, yummy!
Gooey, hot and ready to eat!

The zucchini had baked into soft, melty 
holders of goodness!

So, I used a long, narrow spatula to 
place them on our plates.

This entree would make a nice meal served with 
bread, a salad, your favorite herbed rice....

but today I'm serving it with 
pickled cabbage and cauliflower.

I have never been much of a cabbage fan but 
I pickled a couple of heads of cabbage that 
husband grew....and guess what?!

I really enjoy pickled cabbage!
I'm glad I tried it!

Dinner is ready....let's eat!

We both cleaned our plates....husband 
cleaned his twice!

So it's time for a little something sweet....

...... zucchini bread!

These cute loaves were made using 
gold zucchini!

Thank you so much for stopping by and 
letting me share with you,

I really appreciate you taking time 
to read each post here at 
Pink Glitter!

I love to hear from you and what you think
about the posts you read, leave me a comment
and share what you think!

Zucchini love,

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Garden Fresh Goodies

Welcome to our garden!

Oh my goodness, Glitterinas, 
our garden is growing like crazy!

We are enjoying the bounty that's growing out 
there every day!

Swiss chard, spinach and cilantro are all chopped and ready 
to be cooked into a meal.

The Malibar spinach is a new crop for us....
it's very flavorful.

Haricots verts are yummy!

Tomatoes of all colors and sizes!

I think these green zebras are my 
favorite this year!

When sliced, they are solid green, all the 
way through!

I have canned some tomato sauce....

....that became jars of yumminess.....

....and green and yellow zucchini cooked with 
white onion and a few spices.....

......became these filled jars of 
chow chow pickles!

It's always so hard to wait for homemade pickles 
to cure and reach their full flavor.

That small jar in the middle, is pickled shallots.

Never made them before, but goodness, are they good!
I didn't wait to taste them!

Did you notice the small, blue labels on the 
tops of the jars?

Those are Pioneer Woman labels....
I love her things! 

She needs to stop the cuteness, though, I'm running out 
of cabinet space for all her precious dishes!

The kitchen was busy, busy.....

.....daughter and I used two different tools to 
process the tomato sauce.

Grandmother's tin chinoise 
my emulsion blender

I'm anxious to use all these yummy 
things in meals for my family.

There was a large zucchini left after all the 
busy busy was over.....

we decided to make some delicious 
zucchini bread mini loaves.

There was no waiting involved for 
enjoying these delicious little loaves.

So yummy!

Thank you for stopping by the garden today.
I appreciate you taking time to read 
each post of 
Pink Glitter!

Whether you have a single tomato plant 
several acres of plants~

I hope your garden endeavors are paying off well
and you are enjoying 
garden fresh goodies!

gardeners have the best dirt!

Hugs and zucchini,