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Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Queen of Halloween!

Hello Glitterinas!

Happy Halloween 

              to y'all.....and thank you so much for dropping in today!

Do any of you play the dice game "Bunco"?

I do and I have the most wonderful group of ladies in my bunco group!  

I call it bunco therapy!  We have the best time when we get together.

In October, we met at Phyllis' house......I have nicknamed her

                      The Queen of Halloween!

We each bring something when we get together....there's a rotating schedule of where we get together and who brings what.....this month I brought the appetizer.

I chose that yummy layered dip with refried beans, sour cream, guacamole, cheese, lettuce and tomatoes.....I layered all the ingredients in a bowl finishing with the guac on top.  I then piped on some sour cream to make a spider web.

Using a tooth pick I added some lines to complete the web and added a pink spider!  Yes, pink!  

I needed something to dip with so, I cut corn tortillas with bat shaped cookie cutters.....

Placed them on a metal pizza pan and baked them for ten minutes at 300 degrees to crisp them up.

Then, using ready to bake bread dough, I made some witchy poo fingers and some bones!

Everything was packed and ready to head over to Phyllis' house.....I love going to bunco!

There is so much friendship, love, kindness, laughter, good food, visiting and fun when we all gather.....and when we need to, we share hugs, tears, quiet moments and prayers.  

Each and every lady in our group is such a thoughtful, lovely hostess....we are made to feel so welcome in a warm and inviting house every month!  

Boy, am I blessed with great friends, or what?!

There are Halloween decorations in the front yard, the back yard and all through the house when I reach the abode of The Queen of Halloween!

Let me show you a few of her cute decorations.....

The Halloween village is too cute....wish I could have gotten a better snap of it.....

All kinds of yumminess to eat.....

.....and a wonderful, festive table to gather around.....

But here is the absolute best part of bunco.....

I raise a toast to a wonderful group of Bunco Babes!  

Girls, I love ya!

Have a happy and safe Halloween everyone!

Thanks again for joining me here at Pink Glitter!  Please leave me a comment so I'll know you've dropped by!

Until next time,

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Friday, October 25, 2013

Halloween Ideas to Try!

Hello Glitterinas!

Welcome to Pink Glitter!  I am so glad you stopped by today!

Halloween is getting so close.....

I am finished with most of the decorations that I am going to make for Halloween this year.....but there are a couple more quick things I wanted to make for the grand~darlings!

These ideas are cute little extras that I saw on Facebook, and Pinterest.....and then I wanted to use up the ghost ribbon and plastic bats I had!

A head band will start us off......

Cut a small ghost from a thin, white sheet of craft foam.  I cut three ghosts.....two for head bands and one for a pin.  Glitter the ghosts.  I used clear, iridescent glitter for these little ghosts.

Googly eyes for the head band ghosts and black glitter eyes and mouth for the pin ghost.

I had some ribbon that is partially spandex, so it's stretchy......perfect for head bands!  I used a store bought head band to know the correct length.....snip, snip....then hot glued the pieces into circles.  Next hot glue a ghost onto each head band.

The ghosts needed a they each got one!  The head bands I saw on Pinterest also had cute little flowers on their bows.  I used some small, orange flowers I had in my stash.

The pin ghost got its pin hot glued on the back and a little black bow tie on the front.

Cute, huh?!

Next on our crafting agenda are some little pumpkins I saw online.  The ones I saw were magnet decorations.  I wanted to make mine into necklaces for the grands.  Here's my attempt.....

I picked out a few flat, glass rocks (I believe they are called vase fillers.) , traced around them, and cut out the circles.

I drew jack o lantern faces on the paper and mod podged the paper on the back of the glass so the faces  would show through.

I punched some one inch circles out of Halloween paper, cut some very short pieces of green ribbon for leaves, then glued the ribbon and leaves on the back of the glass "pumpkins". Lastly, I glued on the small circles.

Tah dah!  

These turned out to be favorites of the grands......I liked them, too.  Crazy easy and fun!

The idea I had seen was for magnets so I glued magnet buttons on the back of some of the glass pieces and here they are......

Two cute little pumpkins with chenille stems and a green Frankenstein.  Fun!

The last craft project today is totally batty!  

It's a hair bow.  Begin with a simple bow......

......and another bow tied from narrower ribbon......

Hot glue them together and add a bat!

Hot glue a hair clip on the back........"bat"tastic!  You have a fun Halloween hair bow!

That was easy, too, wasn't it?

I made one with polka dot ribbon and one with zebra stripe ribbon and then......

.....had a cutie patootie who had spent the night with Gigi and Pops model "her" new hair bow!  She liked the polka dots best, so sister gets the zebra one!  I got hugs and kisses for the new hair bow!

I know, I know.....shameless exploitation by Gigi!

Thank you so much for stopping by and crafting with me today.  

I hope you are all ready for Halloween at your house.....but if you still need an idea or two, maybe these will help!  Give one or all of them a try!

Until next time,

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Halloween Needs a Banner

Hello Glitterinas!

I am glad you stopped I want to share a little banner I made....

I got the idea while playing a match game with the grands.

The match game was on a great site I subscribe to,  If you have any children in your life, you should check out this site.  Marilyn shares beautiful things.....some are free and some are to purchase.

I get monthly e-mails that include colorful activities, many of which are seasonal.

I am really glad I took a moment to study the playing pieces of that Halloween match game.....they were so colorful and fun to look at, that I decided to print off another set to craft with!

Hmmm, I wondered what to make......I decided on a banner!

Let's jump right in.....and start with these great little cards.....

I cut the individual flags for the banner from seasonal paper.

A punched edge is nice on a banner, so punch, punch.....a cute little scalloped edge for each flag.

Choose a Halloween design that looks good on each flag and glue each one on...I used rubber cement.

I tied some little bows and added them to three of the flags.....then I used hot glue to attach each flag to baker's twine.  I always leave long ends to ensure easy hanging.

This is where my new little banner will live this year!

Please take a moment to visit

You'll find some interesting games, activities, and paper toys there!

Doesn't Halloween need a banner at your house, too?

Thank you so much for stopping by....please leave a comment so I'll know you stopped by!


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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Eeeeeee.....Spiders in the Kitchen!

Hello Glitterinas!

Look at all of these spiders in my kitchen.....

.........aren't they the cutest bunch of creepy crawlies you have ever seen?

This fun Halloween runner was made by my sweet friend, Lula.  I love it!

Lula is a wonderful seamstress.  She is so gifted.....she makes table runners, beautiful Christmas stockings, Halloween costumes for her grands......and you should see all the amazingly wonderful quilts she creates!  

She also shares her great is that?!  How blessed am I?!

My spider polka dot runner has a featured place every year......sometimes it hangs out in the den on the coffee table or in the dining room......and this year it found it's way to my kitchen!

These spiders can hang out with me in the kitchen all season long.......

                        ............some spiders make me squeal and do a spider dance.........

                                                     .......... but these make me smile every time I see them.

Thanks again, sweet friend!  I am still enjoying all the spiders.....

                               Glitterinas, I hope any spiders you find in your kitchen are as cute as these!

Thanks to each of you for stopping by Pink Glitter!  

I hope you are having lovely fall days and are enjoying October.