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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Carnitas for Dinner

I'm preparing one of my favorite dinners,

Grab a beverage, get comfy,
and let me show you how to prepare this 
delicious, simple dinner!

Pork shoulder cuts....from your butcher 
at your favorite shop.

Begin with trimming up the chunks 
of meat.

I leave some marbling on the pieces of meat 
but trim off large bits.

Sarge, our cute, little watchdog, will enjoy these 

I cook the meat in a small pot with 
a lid.

Place the lid on and begin cooking the meat on medium 
high heat for 15-20 minutes....
stirring a couple times.

I cut up a medium onion while the 
meat is cooking.

I won't add these onion slices to the meat until 
the meat is almost ready to serve. 

After the meat has cooked for a bit,
I add the spices.

Cumin, chili powder,

salt and pepper.

I used my new favorite salt mixture,
Everything Salt.

Cook the meat for about 10 more minutes.

Most of the moisture will cook away.

If I think the meat is drying out 
I will add some water.....less than 
1/4 cup.

I don't want dry's so much better 
when the meat is moist.

This cut of meat will be so nice and tender 
if you cook it slowly.

I add the onions and give it all 
a good stir.

Add a bit more spice.....

....put on the lid, lower the heat, 
and let the mixture cook for 
2-3 more minutes.

I serve the carnitas with 
sour cream,
grated cheese, salsa....

....and I almost forgot the lime slices.

When dinner is just husband and I,
the add on items are just laid out in their containers.

For guests or large family groups, 
I place all the extras in bowls....lately I have 
used my Pioneer Woman bowls. 

I also make spanish rice and/or 
charro beans to go along with 
the carnitas.

Yummy, yummy dinner!

Let's eat!

Here's my plate.....'s husband's plate.

He doesn't eat tortillas so he makes 
his plate without them.

This set up is great for each person to be 
able to build their own dinner 
with just what they like!

The last group I served this dinner to
was this group of lovelies!

This is my sweet bunco group
at our November get together!


If this meat isn't on your dinner rotation,
I hope you'll give it a try.

Ask your favorite butcher or just a 
butcher at your store to help you
pick out a package of carnitas 
meat that will work for the group 
you are feeding!

Thank you so much for letting me share 
this recipe with you, Glitterinas!

I hope your holiday is full of 
people you enjoy and time to relax!

Until next time,

Monday, November 20, 2017

Cranberries, JalapeƱos, Cha-Cha-Cha!

Cha cha cha, Glitterinas!

I am working in the kitchen today....
and will be dancing around when something turns out yum-yum-yummy!

Thank you for stopping by Pink Glitter......I am so glad you are here to spend a little time with me.

I want to share some delicious yet simple recipes with you.

The first recipe we're whipping up in the food processor is my family's
Fresh Cranberry Relish.

My family enjoys this relish with I make it for
Thanksgiving and again for Christmas.  It's a nice addition to a meal in February or July, too!  Just keep a bag of fresh cranberries in the freezer.

It's fresh, crisp, sweet and just a bit tangy.

I am starting with a large bag of cranberries today because I am making more than one type of cranberry relish.  My recipe calls for the small bag of fresh cranberries.

This recipe is fun to make because it always turns out great....
and it's simple and quick!

Whizzzzzz......whizzzzz.....and there it is!

Into a large canning jar and into the refrigerator....after husband and I have a little taste, of course!

Quality control is so important!

Tammy’s Cranberry Relish

1 pkg. (the 12 oz. one, the three pounder is toooo much) fresh cranberries
1 jar orange marmalade (a chopped up orange works,too, peel included)
1 or 2 granny smith apples, chopped
1/2 cup pecan pieces
splash of lemon juice
sugar, to taste

I give the cranberries a quick whirl in the food processor, then add all of the other ingredients, giving it a whirl after each addition.  Taste and adjust.  To me, this relish tastes best after it has been in the refrigerator for about 24 hours. Enjoy!

Now that our trusted cranberry relish is in the refrigerator.......I am going to make something with a little heat!

See the can of sliced jalapenos?  Half of the can is popped into the food processor next.....

I am using the cranberry relish recipe with the addition of about 14 oz. of sliced jalapenos.  

This large can holds 28, there's enough for one more recipe after this.....yay!

Now this cranberry relish has a good ol' kick!

It goes into a canning jar, too and is kept cold until it's served.

Our sweet son in law loves "hot and spicy" so I am hoping he enjoys this new twist on an old stand by!

OK......last but not least....

we'll use the rest of the sliced jalapenos to create a yummy salsa.

Whizzzzz......whizzzzz......tah dah!

Sweet Jalapeno Pecan salsa!

This goes into the refrigerator, too!

I think I'll serve some of it over cream cheese and some in a bowl for dipping!

This sweet, jalapeno salsa is so good on eggs.

I am excited to have three different jars of yumminess all ready to serve.

Here's the recipe for you.....

Sweet Jalapeno Pecan Salsa

14 oz. sliced jalapenos
1 1/2 c. pecans
1 c. sugar
2 T. lemon juice

Mix all ingredients together and then pulse in the food processor until fairly smooth.  Refrigerate.

Now you have three new recipes to try!

I hope you and your family will try these and enjoy them!

Which one would you like to taste first? 

Ready to dance a bit, Glitterinas, these recipes turned out yummy, so a little fancy footwork around the kitchen is in order.....cha cha cha.....

Until next time,

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Thankful and Grateful!

The ghosties and ghoulies of 
Halloween have had their moment 
and now
it's Thanksgiving's turn!

Some shops and stores completely skip 
this wonderful holiday.

Around our house we definitely 
do not 
skip Thanksgiving time!

It's a lovely time of year when the 
weather usually cools off 
we plan family get togethers.

I fix one of my favorite meals 
of the year at Thanksgiving.

I set one of my favorite tables 
of the year, too!

Do you enjoy 

During the fall of the year I have lots 
pumpkins, colorful leaves and scarecrows 
decorating our house.

In November I add some turkeys
and small signs
to all the fall fun throughout 
the house.

If I had a theme for this time of year
it would be 
Thankful and Grateful!

My list of things to be thankful for 
grows each year.

My Thankful list includes big things like
health, faith, and happy memories from my childhood.....

......along with little things like
all the wonderful bounty that came from the
garden and my chickens!

Having time to enjoy and decorate
seasonally around the house is
something I'm thankful for also!

When it's time to serve Thanksgiving dinner 
we'll gather here with
our plates loaded down with yummy goodness.

I added the deer sheds I've collected.

I like going around the table and having everyone,
young and old,
tell what they are thankful for!

We are most certainly blessed!

We have traditions that help us share what we're 
thankful for and some years we add new 
ways to share our thanks!

What are you thankful and grateful for,

Do you have a special way to share what you 
are thankful for?

Leave me a comment and let me know....
thanks so much!

I really enjoy hearing what you think!

Thank you so much for stopping by 
Pink Glitter 
for a few minutes today!

I appreciate you taking time to read 
this post all the way to the end..... are great for letting me share!

I am thankful and grateful for 
each of you, Glitterinas!

Until next time,

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Come To the Halloween Party!

It's Halloween Party time!

Come on and join us, Glitterinas!

The mummies are ready to help decorate the 
yard for the party!

We started decorating in the morning and worked 
until we had everything ready.

These girls worked on the big spider web....
doesn't it look spooky?

We set up decorations.....

.....and games.....

......and a cute photo spot!

When our trick or treaters first arrived they picked up 
a bag for all their goodies, 
signed up for the cackling contest, 
picked out a spider ring and a sticker.

These two smiling faces greeted all of 
the party go-ers!

There were fun games for groups to play....

lots of room to run and play....

....with fun skeletons watching all the fun!

Our cute trick or treaters bobbed for apples....

.....pitched beanbags.....

.....and played lawn match games!

I enjoyed watching a ninja, Darth Vader and a large piece 
of pepperoni pizza laughing and playing a game!

All of the guesses for the weight of a big ol' pumpkin
and how many candy corns were in the jar,
had lots of thought 
put into each.

The winners got to take a trip to the 
Prize Table!

Everyone who played got candy and little 
fun treasures.

The photo spot turned out to be a fun background 
for lots of characters who came to enjoy 
the Halloween party!

A bat!

Wonder Woman, pizza, an alien, Darth Vader
and others.....

Rain Forest Girl, a rodeo clown, and more!

Sister Scarecrow and Brother Rodeo Clown!

Along with games 
and candy 
and streamers 
and pumpkins.....

.....there were friends having a nice visit!

Halloween tic-tac-toe.....

......lots of smiling pumpkins....

......were all there along with

hot dogs, chips, and a quick stop at the dessert table!

The Five Gables Halloween Party was lots of fun!

Everyone left the party with fun memories 
of games, friends and laughter
a party bag full of candy and little treasures.

Several of the cute, little party go-ers told me they 
were already looking forward to next year's party!

I don't think I could ask for a better review than that,
do you, Glitterinas?

Nothing too spooky.....

.....just the right touch of Halloween enjoyment!

Our grand~darlings all had a favorite game or activity 
from the party that they wanted to talk about.....

made me smile!

That made all the work worth it!

I'm so glad you got to stop by 
Pink Glitter 
today and join in some of the fun 
at our Halloween party!

Thanks for sharing the fun.....

See you next time, Glitterinas!

Happy Halloween,