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Sunday, September 22, 2013

I am "Fall"ing for Blue!

Hello Glitterinas!

I am glad you are joining me today.  I have a table cloth story for you.....

I collect vintage table cloths.

My favorites have flowers, fruit or designs in pink and other soft pastels on them.

I have some that belonged to my Mom, some from my Grandmother, some from Husband's Grandmother .....I am  even lucky enough to have been given some!

The others in my collection have been purchased.....I do enjoy a good shopping trip to my favorite antique stores!

On one such shopping excursion, I found this lovely table cloth.....

I liked it because it didn't look like any other table cloth I had lovely fall colors of gold and brown..... 

.....and a color I do not use often, blue!

I brought it home, washed it, folded it and put it away.  You know how it goes, out of sight - out of mind!

Then one day I bought some of the blue vintage anniversary Mason jars.....I was so excited to find them!  I bought some for me and some for my sister-in-law who cans all kinds of yummy things and SHARES!  

I knew my jars would be used for decorating but Janet's would be used for their intended purpose of storing yummy goodness made by a talented canner!

I decided I wanted to use mine on the dining room table.  

So, I began shopping around the house for things to add to the table that looked good with the blue jars......candlesticks, trays, a meager little pile....

Then I remembered the table cloth with blue in the pattern.....wahoooooo for blue!

Out it came and since it was smaller than the table, I layered it with another fall table cloth that has a pretty design of fall leaves on it! 

There are some times during the year I like to put several of the leaves in the table so we'll have plenty of room.....Thanksgiving, Christmas, and one of my very favorites....Bunco!  

....back to decorating the table.....

I started arranging....

and moving....and stacking.....

and standing back and tilting my head.....

The Mason jars needed something.... I got out some vintage tin molds and popped the round ones on top of some of the jars.  Hmmmm, yes, I liked it!

I also put some battery tea lights in the molds.  These look very cute at night.

I scattered some other shaped molds around the table and put some leaf confetti in them.  I was liking the look!

Some vintage books were added for a little height.....and there's my little bluebird of happiness!

The little fall ladies that I bought at the grocery store one year found their way to the table.....

Candlesticks that I had shabby chic'ed and two old spools were thrown in to add some interest.....

Lastly, I decided to fill my large hurricane glass with the rest of the blue Mason jars and set it on a couple of platters I had placed in the middle of the table.

Here's the table cloth with all the goodies on it......

I like how it turned out!  What do you think it needs?

Thanks for letting me share my table cloth story with you!

Have you found a new color to love this season?

Please join me again,

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  1. How creative!! I don't think of blue as working with fall colors, but you've proven it works, and works beautifully!! Rosie