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Sunday, October 18, 2015

A Family Wedding!

Welcome to Pink Glitter!

You've chosen a fun day to stop by.......
I'm sharing wedding pictures!

This wonderful couple got married!

Their vows to each other were so kind and so 

They both told about being so thankful that the Lord had 
put the other one into their life 
at just the perfect time.

God is good, isn't He?

His perfect planning and timing 
never cease to amaze me.

Our newest family in the clan.....

Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Pick.

The ceremony and reception were held in the same venue.

The decorations set just the right mood for a 
fun, family wedding.

Let me show you some of the cuteness, Glitterinas!

I really want this wheel barrow to roll right on
to my house!

This was a loving and thoughtful touch, Christy!

Boy, I would love for this door/shelf to join the wheel barrow and 
come right on over to my place!

My sweet, talented husband did all the floral pieces.....

This arrangement was fabulous!  It was my favorite.....

I helped tie a few bows, 

pick this up and put it over there,

find a place for this,

hang this here....

you know, helping with the last minute little things!

The groom's mom, Christy, put so much time 
(and a few sleepless nights) into this wedding.

It all paid off, Christy, it was great!

It is always so nice to have a family gathering 
because I love getting to see everyone.

I enjoy having a nice visit with family I don't get to see
as much as I'd like.

Here's my wonderful Father-in-Law!
Yes, he's the one with the barns full of crusty, rusty treasures!

Lookin' handsome, Papaw Jack!

Look who we have here.....the handsome groom 
with Cousin Debbie and Aunt Janet.

He was remarkably calm....hmmmm, wonder what 
he was drinking?!

Tah~dah....a lovely bridesmaid!

You look fabulous, Miss T!

I have no pictures to share of the gorgeous hiss....
I volunteered to video the ceremony, 
and then when the reception got rolling, I just forgot.... sincerest apologies, Glitterinas!

Anyone who got to see her would tell you 
she was an amazing bride!

A wonderful evening was enjoyed by everyone!

Love was all around, a delicious dinner and crazy dancing 
finished off the evening.....but the sweetest spot in the hall....

could have been.....

the S'mores Bar!

I'm toasting to a long, healthy, and happy life 
together for 
Susan and Josh Pick!

You know I love you both!

Hugs and glitter,
Aunt Tammy

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  1. Keep spreading your love, kindness, and all that glitter. Our wedding was everything we, family, and love. Thank you for the beautiful flowers, all the extra special touches, and hugs at the perfect time! Love you all......Mr and Mrs Joshua Pick 😘