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Saturday, April 29, 2017

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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Softly call the Muster........

Thank you so much, Glitterinas,
 for opening this 
post of 
Pink Glitter!

I am sharing something very close to my 
family's heart today.

We lost our marvelous 
Papaw Jack last fall....

.....he is missed....

 .....but it's selfish of me to cry
over this loss because he is so happy in
Heaven and I love thinking about all his happy reunions there!

Several of our family members
have graduated from
Texas A&M University....

Papaw was the first!

Next came his son, my sweet husband....

then me....

our niece....

and our youngest daughter!


A&M has a wonderful tradition that takes
place all over the world, each year,
where ever two or more Aggies can gather on April 21st....

Aggie Muster.

It's a ceremony to honor and remember
all the Aggies who have lost their lives during
the year.

There is a roll call of those who have passed,
and a friend and/or loved one who is
present answers "Here".

It's very moving whether you are answering for
a friend or loved one or not.

My sister-in-love and I attended the
Muster this year.....

......along with about three hundred others.

We had a nice, large high school multi-purpose 
area to use.

The Aggie Club Muster committee did a 
lovely job this year.

Each Aggie whose name was called had a family member 
or friend to answer for them.

Those who were answering were given a candle 
to light as their Aggie's name was called.

This is an extremely solemn and meaningful 
tradition for 
Aggies all over the world.

I have attended many Muster ceremonies,
and have only answered for two Aggies 
I've personally's very memorable.

Whether you are an Aggie or not, if you ever get invited to 
attend Muster with an Aggie buddy, 
you should take the opportunity.

It's an evening you won't soon forget!

Thanks again for joining me here at 
Pink Glitter.....

I appreciate you letting me share this year's 
Williamson County
Aggie Muster with you!

Gig 'em Aggies,

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

A New to Me, Old Door!

My sweet husband pulled an old,
dirty door out of a storage shed that was 
being cleared out.

He knew it was something I 
would love!

He got major brownie points 
for dragging this piece home for me!

Wash, wash, wash.....
scrub, scrub, scrub.....
ah, much better!

Here it is, leaning....
in the kitchen.

Jack is going to add a small table with 
two legs onto this.....

but until he does 
it's going to live in the dining room.

It's the perfect size for this space....

It got a pretty wreath hung on it....

.....perfect match!

Here's a shot from the other side of the room.

Until it becomes an old door with a small table 
attached to it....I like it right here!

I have such clever and creative friends who came up with 
many, many wonderful ideas of what to do 
with this piece!

I am so glad you stopped by 
Pink Glitter!

Thank you, Glitterinas, for 
letting me share this old door treasure 
with you.

Chippy door love,

Friday, April 7, 2017

Big Ol' Carrots....

.....for a bunny that eats wooden carrots!

I made some carrots to stake in the area 
where we'll be taking Easter pictures.

I'm really looking forward to our 
fun family
all coming to Five Gables Farm 
for Easter!

When we get together I love to take lots and 
lots of pictures.

I like having a special, designated 
place to take group shots.

Here's some shots from 
Easters past....

Our old well house makes a good backdrop.

I put up some colorful pennants, 
add a bale of hay 
or chair
or bench 
for a seat,

and this year 
we'll have carrots in the foreground!

I started with these wooden carrots 
that were cut for me by oldest 

Her Mom and Dad helped a little.

They each got several coats of 

.....and some accent lines to help them look a bit more 
like carrots.

Since these will be outside, they each got a spritz of 
polyurethane for weather protection.

I used some more of the tin curlies that were 
given to me...

......these got some green glitter spray 

Once everything was dry, the assembly 
of the parts began.

Finished carrots!

Husband will add stakes so they'll 
stand up.

A couple of my favorite inspectors 
came down to see the finished carrots.

Now I just have to wait until 
Easter to put them out.....

......waiting is hard, Glitterinas!

It's not hard to say thank you so much 
for taking time to let me share a project with you!

I really appreciate you taking time to 
read about my thoughts and look at the pictures 
I share.

Thank you so much!

Until next time,

Monday, April 3, 2017

Crab Bombs


These tasty little bombs are a 
delicious explosion of flavor in your mouth!

I enjoy crab cakes and have a great recipe for them....
but Husband and I really like 
these little yummies, too!

I'll gather up my ingredients 
while you fix a nice beverage and get 

I'm off to the kitchen, Glitterinas.

Place one pound of crab meat into a 
mixing bowl.

Pick through the meat carefully for 
any little pieces of shell.... definitely want to find these pieces with your 
fingers instead of your dental work.

 Now I'm ready to add each ingredient....

one cup of crushed Ritz crackers.

A little more than half a sleeve will be about 
one cup.

Add crumbles to the crab....

and then, mix in a small bowl,
an egg,
1 tsp. worchestershire sauce, 

..... 1 tsp lemon juice,

......and 1 T. mustard.  Mix well and add to crab.

Add salt and pepper to taste.

Stir well and drop rounded amounts 
onto a lined baking sheet.

Bake at 350 degrees for 20 minutes, 
or until crab begins to brown.

Remove from oven and place these yummy, 
little crab bombs on a serving platter.

Melt some butter....

......and pour it over the crab bombs.

Give the little, tasty bombs a 
hit of course sea salt.

One of my assistants showed up just in time 
to be the taste tester....

.....and help me carry these 
crab bombs out to the family 
sitting around the fire pit.

Sweet son-in-law was cooking hamburgers 
on the grill while we all sat and visited.....
and ate the crab bombs!

These little bombs are delicious....
I hope you'll give them a try!

Thanks for taking time to stop by 
Pink Glitter today!

It means so much to me that you 
take time to let me share part 
of your day!

You are the best, Glitterinas,

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Texas In Bloom

We have bluebonnets blooming 
in our yard!

When I see these small plants 
coming up....

.... sprinkled around Five Gables Farm.....

....I do my happy dance because they will 
soon have beautiful bluebonnets 
blooming on them!

Lovely ones like these....

......and these.

We have several big patches this year.

Our largest spot with bluebonnets is 
this patch out front.

So beautiful!

We have a large field across the driveway 
from the barns where we 
have some very fun parties.

We have

Fourth of July fireworks & sparklers.....

Halloween games...

Easter egg hunts....

and wildflower seed stomps!

The wildflower seed stomps have yielded these 

Pink bonnets!

These pretties have had their picture taken 
several times already this season!

Aggie bonnets.....
aka. Texas Maroon Bluebonnets!

We really enjoy all these Texas flowers
that make their debut each Spring!

Texas has other colorful wildflowers, too!

Purple verbena,

maroon wine cups,
yellow, black eyed Susans,
yellow straw flowers,

red Indian paint brushes,
yellow and orange Mexican fire wheels,
yellow primroses,
pink buttercups 

are all part of the rainbow of wildflowers 
we are lucky to enjoy here each Spring!

What wildflowers do you enjoy, Glitterinas?

Tell me which ones you like
have blooming near you.

I am so glad you took time to read this post 
Pink Glitter......

Thank you!

Until next time,

Here's a surprise give away for you......

I have four packages of 
Texas Maroon Bluebonnet
to give away!

The first four people who comment 
that they would like a package of these 
seeds will get one!

Good Luck! 

Aren't you glad you read all the way through 
this post?!