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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Not My Second Grader Anymore!

Hello, Glitterinas!

Another school year has come to a close and it's 
time to enjoy some summer fun!

Every year teachers bid adieu and 
good luck
their charges .....
and some of them take 
a piece of their teacher's heart
along as they go.

One of my former second graders, that I 
have been lucky enough to keep
in touch with, got engaged to a 
great guy.

Cute couple, don't you agree, Glitterinas?

When wedding shower time rolled around
I was invited!

Yay for me!

We all signed the guest book and 
were so glad to be part of this special day
for Julie.

The theme for the shower was 
"Let's Play Dress Up".

I was all in for that theme.

There was a table set up with all 
kinds of fun hats, wraps, boas, etc....

....just waiting for someone to enjoy it all!

Mom of the Bride and I decided to start things 
off with laughter and a few snaps....

.....MaryJane is sporting the purple hat and 
I'm feeling fancy in the pink boa!

The table top decorations were lovely flowers 
and purple feathers (the bride's fav color)
arranged in shoes!  

Too fun....

Gifts were dropped off at the gift table.....

.....and we were each asked to write 
helpful advice to the engaged couple 
on a wooden spoon.

There was a nice group of ladies and young ladies 
there to shower Julie with happy wishes, gifts, 
laughter, and even some fun stories of how 
we each knew Julie!

I shared that when Julie was in second grade 
she wanted to be a mermaid when she grew up!

Tasty nibbles and delicious beverages 
were enjoyed by all of us 
who had gathered to celebrate 
a special young couple.

Julie and her Mom had fun....

.....and she got some terrific goodies, too!

The little cutie in the pink dress is my 
grand~darling who helped pass out 
the gifts.

Thanks, Emery, you did a great job!

When all the gifts were opened, and the 
games had all been played,
a group of us who used to all 
live, worship and party together in
a small Texas town 
decided to take just one more 
silly pic.....

......even though we are all spread out now, 
this hot mama,
thinks we are all very lucky 
to still be friends!

The bride-to-be had one treat left for 

.....the wedding was a destination wedding and the 
bride's grandmother was not going to be 
able to go,

The bride shared a peek at her 
wedding gown with 
all of us at her shower!

Hostess Kelli, sister of the bride 
Mother of the Bride, MaryJane, 
Bride Julie,
and honored guest Grand
were sweet enough to pose for a quick snap!

I promised not to post any pictures of 
"the gown" until after the wedding....

I am happy to report the sweet couple are 
happily married!

It was such a lovely afternoon.....

.....when it was time to depart for home
there were hugs all around 
and a few hastily wiped away 
tears (me)....

....but this old teacher had to remember 
Julie is not my second grader anymore!

She is now a happily married woman....
and that makes me so happy, too!

Thanks for taking a moment to let me share 
a special day with you, Glitterinas!

Happy hugs and glitter to you all,

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