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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Winner, Winner.....Chicken Dinner!

Congratulations to

Karla B.

Winner of the Pink Glitter
"Year One Blogiversary"

She won a $50 VISA gift card, a set of lavender sachets
and a burlap Welcome banner.

Thank you all, Glitterinas, for taking time 
to leave me a comment.

Until next time,

Friday, August 15, 2014

Happy One Year Blogiversary....Pink Glitter!


It has been one year today since I started
"Pink Glitter".

I have had a blast sharing my online
 diary with you, Glitterinas!

I am having a giveaway to celebrate.
Follow me and leave a comment and you'll be entered for the
drawing that will take place next week.

What does the winner receive?

More about that next time.....but trust me, you want to win!

Would you like to take a look back at Pink Glitter's premiere year?

Join me, Glitterinas!

I enjoyed sharing recipes.......

I had fun sharing crafts.....

I always love changing up the decorations around the house
and on my dining room table!

I introduced you to my wonderful Bunco friends.....

Shared family travels .....

to the State Fair of Texas!

And to Las Vegas....

....where I got to see the top Nascar drivers.

I shared some of the pretty colors we were lucky
enough to have in our yard.....

....and some of the fun we had 
while splashing away hot days in the pool!

And last but certainly NOT least.....
I shared my favorite feathered friends.....

the bok bok girls!

Thanks for letting me share 
these pictures again, Glitterinas!

I hope you will follow Pink Glitter and leave me a comment.
That will enter you into my
One Year Blogiversary give away!

The drawing will be next week!

Until then,

Thankful for:

being a retired teacher as
another school year begins

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Love Grows Here

Welcome to Pink Glitter!

I am so glad you stopped by.......

Today I want to share a fun, easy project that you
can make for your garden or flower bed!

While I was gathering up the materials
for this project, I decided to make two of them.....

one for me and one for a sweet bride 
that I've had the pleasure of knowing since she was
a little girl!

Come on upstairs to my craft area Glitterinas!

Let's start on our garden stones!

You'll need:
a flat rock, size is your choice
 paint, color of your choice
Sharpie marker
polyurethane spray, to protect your project from the weather

Clean off your flat rock.  I just put mine
in the sink and washed it off and let it dry.

Paint an area that will be the background
for the words you write on the garden stone.

I think an irregular edge painted area will 
look best for this project.

Let the paint dry.

Then decide what phrase you'd like 
to have on the garden stone....


Love Grows Here

Please Don't Eat the Daisies
(Yes, I love Doris Day!)


Enjoy This Garden

I Love Weeds

Gardeners Have the Best Dirt


I used a large Sharpie marker to write on
my garden stones.  You might feel more proficient
with a paint marker or brush.

When I finished the writing.....

I added some curlies around 
the edge of the paint.....

....and then because I am a sentimental
ol' gal.....

I added initials and the year to the
garden stone I'm giving away.

Give each stone several, light coats of
polyurethane to protect the paint and writing
if it'll be living outside.

There you have it!

A fun, easy project for your garden, back yard or 
flower bed.....

a painted garden stone!

I think my garden stone will live here.....

by the large barrel of rosemary.

Or, may be here.....

by the backyard sidewalk.

Love Grows Here!

Speaking of love....

I love that you take time to visit me here at Pink Glitter!

I love each comment and question you leave for me!

Thanks bunches, Glitterinas!

Until next time,

Thankful for:

the sweet baby piggies that are 
arriving here at Five Gables Farm