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Monday, May 26, 2014

May is Graduation Time!

Hello Glitterinas!

Do you have a graduate in your household?

Husband and I are empty-nesters so there are no graduates here......
however, we have a grand~darling who is a kindergarten
graduate this year!

Seems like we were just waiting for her to be born and here she is
finishing her first year of public school!

When her older sister was a kinder graduate I made
some Tootsie Pop graduation caps for her class.....


I got to make some more this year!

And I get to make some more in two years when little brother
 is a kinder graduate!

These little graduation hats are very cute and the kids
enjoy receiving one.....that makes them fun for
Gigi to make!

I have streamlined the process by simplifying several of the steps
to making these little hats.

Whether you are a crafter extraordinaire or just getting the hang of a glue gun,
you can make some of these graduation hats any time
you need a little special goodie for a graduate!

Why don't we get started.....

I used paper for the part of the hat that fits on the head (or in this case, the Tootsie Pop).

Cut strips that are 1inch by 4 inches.  Last time I made these, I used the thin craft foam 
for this step.  Hot gluing the strips into circles was tricky and the seam was
a bit thick.  I really like using the paper for this part!

Thin craft foam is used for the top of the hat.
These are 2 inch squares.

Next, I made the tassels.  
Last time I used very thin blue embroidery floss and silver thread.....I also 
twitched for two weeks after making 24 tiny tassels!

Not this time.....I used my Martha Stewart multi blade scissors and
white crepe paper.

Snip, snip, roll short pieces and voila, simple, easy, cute tassels!

No twitching......YAY!

Each hat needs a "button" on the top with the tassel....
so, I punched out some thin craft foam dots.

The straight pin helped liberate any dots that
were reluctant to pop out!

I had all the components ready.....
so let the assembly begin!

Attach the base to the top with hot glue.

Place a small dot of hot glue on the center top.....
set the tassel on one side of the glue dot......

....and the "button" on the other side of the glue dot.

Now, some hot glue on the bottom edge of the paper will
hold the cap on the Tootsie Roll.


Cute graduation caps!

These are fun to give to each graduate or tie onto a
graduation gift!

I wish much happiness and congratulations
 to the graduates in your life!

Thanks for stopping by and doing a little crafting with me!

Until next time,

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Egg Sandwich, Anyone?

Hello, Glitterinas!

Do you ever eat breakfast food for lunch or dinner?  

I'd like to make a quick and simple open face egg sandwich for you.

Let's get started.....gather up a few basic sandwich things.

Whole wheat bread,
ranch dressing,
baby greens,
cheese.....and eggs.

Start with a little ranch on each slice of bread.

Throw on a little bit of green salad mix.

This is our favorite lettuce mix.....

Sprinkle on some grated cheese.....though, any type of cheese will work.

Use your favorite cheese....or build your sandwich without it.

My favorite bread is HEB's seven grain artisan bread, but sadly I only had the little bitty
end pieces, and they won't really work for this sandwich....sigh.

So, let's continue with good ol' Mrs. Baird's whole wheat bread for our foundation!

We've stacked up all of the layers except the final one.....eggs!

I wish you could see the pretty blue and green of these two, fresh eggs.

Into the skillet....

Go ahead and break the yolks because I don't want these sandwiches to
have runny yolks when we bite into them.

While we are working here at the stove, I want to show you
the cute, tin pig, my friend Deborah, gave me.

I use it to keep two or three pot holders at the ready....
it could also keep napkins nice and neat at the table.

Isn't it so cute?

Our eggs are cooking away......

Give each a sprinkle of fresh, ground black pepper.

Flip the egg~ies over......our sandwiches are almost finished now!

Don't overcook the eggs.....stack an egg on each sandwich.

Oooooey goooooey.....the cheese begins to melt.....

There you go!

Add a beverage and some fruit, if you'd like.....done!

A quick yet delicious lunch to enjoy!  
One sandwich for you and one for me.

Thank you for stopping by to enjoy a quick lunch with me.

I hope you are finding some joy in each of these days as they fly by.....

Until next time,

Thankful for: 

knowing Jesus loves me 
having a kind and loving husband

Monday, May 19, 2014

What's Fun About Chicken Salad?

Hello Glitterinas!

Do you like chicken salad?

Husband and I do.  

We like homemade chicken salad and 
friends and I have found a couple of local eateries 
that have a yummy offering of this particular comfort food.

I make it with roasted chicken, some mayo and pickle relish.

It's yummy this way.

Simple, quick and yummy.....that's a hard combo to beat!

Sometimes, I make it with roasted chicken, some mayo, a bit of mustard,
a little pickle relish and some 
chopped red onion.

It's yummy like this, too.

When I'm feeling really wild and crazy....I make it with roasted chicken, some mayo, 
green grapes and walnuts.....craziness, I tell you!

Chicken salad is a recipe that every cook can put their own personal
spin on.....that's the best kind of recipe!

So, what's fun about chicken salad?

Serve it in.....

Mason jars!

The fun factor of just about any food can be ramped up by putting it
into a Mason jar.

Do you agree?

Now, yummies like cotton candy and corn dogs are probably high enough on the 
fun-o-meter without being plopped into one of these little, glass cuties.....

but chicken salad.....

......more fun in a Mason jar!

Let's make some chicken salad.....get comfy.....I'll get started.

Mix up chopped chicken, a plop of mayo and a spoonful of relish.

Yes, some of my recipes are a bit relaxed....but I like it that way!

 I begin assembling the jars by putting lettuce on the bottom.

Next, pack in some chicken.....

Wipe the rims, if any of the chicken mixture gets on the jar.

Finish off with some more lettuce and some chopped tomatoes.

This is where you can add your own special, favorite ingredient or two!

If I am serving these at home....I am finished!

If I am taking these little cuties somewhere they'll get a lid and some 
kind of little, cute decoration.....a tag, a ribbon, a cupcake paper under the lid....

but these are being eaten right here at home....

So onto a glass plate with something to drink....

yum and done!

What are your favorite chicken salad ingredients?

Thank you for joining me while I put this simple meal together.

I am so glad you stopped by!

Until next time,

Thankful for:
our comfortable home

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Farm Fresh Eggs and a Guest Chef!

Hello, Glitterinas!

You've stopped by Pink Glitter on a delicious day.

Grand~Darling Emery and I are making some yummy egg cups to serve for breakfast!

Here's our chef now.....she has put some hash brown potatoes and
breakfast sausage into greased cupcake spots.

The chickens here at Five Gables Farm provided the fresh eggs.

Now, we're scrambling an egg to go into each cupcake spot.

Good job, Emery!

A twist of pepper.....

A pinch of pink salt....

.....and the yummy, little egg creations are ready for the oven!

Do I have the cutest chef working in my kitchen or what?!

Now, we come to the difficult part......
waiting 17 minutes for these little yummies to bake.

Maybe a little strawberry milk will help the time go faster.

Good this timer working?!

Out of the oven and ready for some shredded cheese....

The picks are marking the special egg cups for Em and Pops.....
these each have two sausages in them!

Let's set the table.....pretty glass plates, juice glasses, napkins and some
flowers that are almost as pretty as Em!

The table is ready for Emery, Pops and Gigi to have our delicious breakfast!

Now these are good!

Egg cups, fruit and juice make a delicious meal.

Everyone gets a "Good Eater" award for breakfast!

Emery is a good kitchen helper......let's clean up!

Into the dishwasher.....then we get dressed and go outside to play!

Fun times at Pops' and Gigi's house......

Thanks for stopping by and doing some baking with Chef Emery.

Give these little egg cups a try.....add your favorite ingredients to make them just right
for your crew!

Make 'em fancy with sour cream, caviar and a dill garnish.

Make 'em spicy with sour cream, spicy salsa and a cilantro garnish!

Whatever you put in them or on them, you'll have a yummy breakfast
to serve!

Will you have a guest chef, too?

Until next time,

Thankful for:

two wonderful daughters
a thoughtful son in law
our three precious grand~darlings