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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Rise and Shine!

Kelli and Chad's Wedding Day!

We hit the ground running, Glitterinas!

We put all the finishing touches on the tables, signs, 
gates, wagons......

and still had time to get dressed in our 
wedding clothes!

All the floral touches you see were done by 
Husband with a bit of assistance 
from yours truly.

I'll walk you through the day.... was a lovely one!

Through this door.....

Let's sign in.....

......get a bubbly beverage.....

.....and put our fingerprint 
on the tree!

A thoughtful expression for loved ones who 
could not be at the ceremony.

When it's time for the ceremony, we'll walk through 
this cute gate....

....and out to our seats!

Then we'll wait patiently for
everything to begin....

.....when I hear the music begin, I feel
my eyes getting a little misty.

We've known the bride since she was a
little girl.....

...since she still believed in the 
Easter Bunny...

.....and the Tooth Fairy....

.....and Santa!

Since she and her sister and our
 girls played with 
sparklers on the 
4th of July!

Since they all sat out in the
back yard painting their toe nails .....

and giggling.....

and giggling.....

and trying to get the little sisters to 
eat the fresh pies they made 
that contained mud and real rice!

The bride's sister read a special prayer
during the ceremony.

What a great looking couple!

Here come the bridesmaids!

Our oldest daughter is the Matron of Honor....

....and since I am not prejudiced at all,
you can believe me when I tell you 
she was the prettiest of them all!

More pretty music.....and the
flower girls.....the two
in the front are our older grands.....
little brother sat with Pops, Gigi, and Dad!


The music changed....

.....and here she came!

Proud Mom looked so lovely!

The happy Bride held her Mom's hand so tightly
and smiled so big.....

and looked gorgeous!

Her bouquet was made from brooches that 
were gifted to her from friends and family.

After the ceremony, we proceeded to the reception.

Table 10 was a fun place to be!

We had such a fun time 
visiting and catching up 
with friends we haven't seen in a while.

Cupcakes topped off a 
delicious dinner!

The tent stayed up.....

the flowers were beautiful.....

there was laughter and tears.....

and most importantly

the bride and groom were happy....

and married!

Until next time,

P.S.  The cute photo spot we set up for guests to take pictures
turned out to be a great photo op.....

....and then the wedding planner decided this was the perfect place for
the huge catering truck to park!

In the words of Charlie Brown...."Good grief!"

I hope you enjoyed the wedding 
as much as we did, Glitterinas!

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