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Friday, August 30, 2013

A Little Banner of Pumpkins.....You can make one, too!

Hello Glitterinas!

I am so glad you stopped by the thermometer inches its way up, up, up to 102 degrees each afternoon I find myself wishing for Autumn to hurry up and get here!

It's my favorite season!

I love the cooler weather.....

I love my sweaters......

I love watching my college football team play.....

I love to eat pumpkin spice anything......and smelling pumpkin spice candles.....mmmmmm

I love seeing the leaves turn pretty colors......every tree around this area doesn't turn pretty colors, but we have a few that do and I love 'em!  We even have some smaller plants and shrubs that join in the autumn fun and flash some pretty colors!

I love bringing in pine cones, leaves and small branches to decorate with.....

I love setting the table with my fall dishes.....

I love getting out my storage tubs of autumn things.....pumpkins, scare crows, Indian corn, burlap bows, swags of pretty leaves and berries......old friends I haven't seen since last year!

Wow, that's a whole lot of love, isn't it?!

I also love crafting things to put around our, as I was sitting under the ceiling fan, drinking iced tea and wishing for all things autumn, I decided to make a fun, seasonal banner for the fireplace!

I decided to start with pages from an old Farmer's Almanac for the flags that will make up the banner......I really like the aged look of these pages.

I wanted to put a paper pumpkin on each flag, so I picked out some paper, made a template out of heavy card stock and cut out some pumpkins.  Snip, snip,'s fun to watch the pieces of a project come together!

I decided to make 11 flags so there would be a "middle" to the banner and I could center it easily on the fireplace!

Next, I cut some simple, little rectangles for the stems and some leaf shapes out of green, patterned paper.

Now, each pumpkin needed a button.....I saw some cute fabric pumpkins ( I wish I could remember where, so I could say thanks for the idea) that simply had a button tacked on and they were just soooo cute!

So, after a quick look through the button do these look?

I hot glued all the pieces together....and then glued each pumpkin onto its own flag.....

I glued all the flags onto some light brown baker's twine and the banner was ready to hang.....

Here it is!

I love my little pumpkin banner.....this little string of pumpkins marks the beginning of Autumn decorating around our house.

Now it's your turn.....what do you love about Autumn?

Thank you so much for stopping by!

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Friday, August 23, 2013

A Name Banner and A Simple Tutorial

Hello Glitterinas!

Thank you so much for stopping by and checking out what's on the blog today.  I am having a busy, but good week.....I hope your week has been good, too!

Husband and I are blessed with three funny, crazy, busy, laughing grand~darlings......ages 7, 5, and 3 (almost).  Miss Middle Grand had a birthday recently and I made some decorations for her party.

Miss Oldest Grand had a birthday earlier in the summer and I made a name banner for her and it now hangs in her, Miss Middle Grand requested a name banner also!

I have some pictures to show you and some very simple steps so you can make a name banner, too, if you'd like.  I enjoy crafting with paper, glitter, hot glue, crepe paper......the list just goes on and on.....crafting is relaxing for me and usually I end with something kinda cute!

Miss Middle Grand looked through my paper stash and picked out several different pieces that she really was funny to watch her as she chose...."I love that one, Gigi"....or "Yuck, Gigi, not that one".....I had a stack of paper to work with, for party decorations, that had been approved by the birthday girl!

Here's the finished banner, draped over the back of a chair waiting for party day.

To make the banner, I used my Martha Stewart circle punch to make several six inch circles with a decorative, punched edge.

Next, I cut each circle in half.

Then I made the pieces that stack up on the half circle piece......

a little, crepe paper ruffle circle.....

a two inch circle punch.....

Stack those three parts up and add a sticky letter!  I use hot glue to hold all the parts together but some crafters like sticky dots or tape runners.....I have found that decorations for outside hold together better with hot glue, though.

After each letter of her name had it's "half circle stack" all glued together, I was ready to hot glue them onto yarn.  

I check and double check the order of the letters. It's not fun at all to have to take apart and re~glue a banner because a name is misspelled!  I have also ended up with words flip flopped, going the wrong way.......what a goober!  Rick rack or ribbon are cute for hanging, too, but this time I used purple yarn!

On party day the name banner hung on the wooden counter where we set out food and snacks.  The birthday girl was happy with her I was happy, too!  

Here are some pictures of other decorations I made for the party......

A jar to fill with M&Ms......

Some spinner strings to hang on the Welcome sign.....

and a coloring book to give all her party guests with their favor bags.....

The birthday girl enjoyed her party.....the weather was perfect for swimming, grilling, eating, visiting, playing horse shoes and celebrating a 5th birthday!

Thanks again for stopping by!

If you are starting back to school, I wish you a terrific year!

Please follow "PinkGlitter"......I hope you have a lovely and restful weekend.


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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Papaw Jack's Meeting

Papaw Jack, my sweet FIL, was going to have an Adam Lawrence Homestead Meeting at his house.  He asked if I could help him with some cookies and tea for  refreshments.

Now, if he'd asked for help with yard work, or help with the goats I would have helped, but not with a song in my heart.....more like a grumble under my breath....sorry, that sounds mean, but this 100+ degree heat is not my favorite!

But help with anything that is remotely related to a party.....I am your girl!

I decided to use my large yellow, Fiesta platter for cookies.....and some of my small Mary Englebreit bowls for fruit, nuts, etc.  Yay!

A trip to HEB found (my favorite) chewy chocolate cookies, M&M cookies, fresh strawberries and grapes.....then a quick stop at Target for cinnamon glazed pecans, honey roasted cashews, and some plates and napkins....

Here's the cookies.....and the nuts (pecans and cashews, not Papaw and I)....

A bowl of cold, yummy fruit.....

Sweet tea, unsweet tea, and water.....with lemon.....

Tah dah....all set up for Papaw to serve refreshments after the meeting!

Flowers from my yard make me happy, so I picked some......

Yes, cookies and flowers make me happy!  I hope Papaw Jack is happy, too!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Welcome to Pink Glitter!


 I am Tammy at Pink Glitter!

I am so excited to be starting my blog.  I have lots of ideas, projects, recipes, etc. to work on, make and share.  Thank you for taking time to stop by, look through my pictures and read my thoughts.  I have to thank our daughter, Holly, for encouraging me and helping me get started on this journey.

So let's get started......

This is the coffee spot in my kitchen.  My coffee maker sat all by itself on the counter with plugs and wires behind it.  It was rather unattractive.....

...and every time I made coffee I had to gather up all my coffee "stuff", you know, spoons, flavorings, sugar or stevia, creamer.....some things were in a cabinet, some in a drawer, some in the pantry...good grief!

I think I'll start with moving the coffee maker over to cover up the plug.....then I could organize all the extras on the counter......what do you think?!

Better, but still boring.....I have seen cute coffee bars all organized with baskets and trays....that's what I want! Let's see what I can gather up to organize this area and make it more attractive.

OK, I am liking this......I want to put the spoons in something, add a doily....add a couple more things....

Now this is more like it....but those cords are still buggin' me.....I have an idea to hide them!

A pretty tole tray from my MIL....the green looks nice in my kitchen AND hides those pesky cords!

I think I am ready for a cup of yummy my new coffee area.....yay!

I think the counter at that end of the kitchen looks much better!

Thank you so much for stopping by my new blog!  Please come back......and we'll have coffee!