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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Oh Easter Tree!

The Easter Tree is all decorated!

Thank you so much, Glitterinas, for stopping by today!

I hope you see something that makes you smile,
or inspires you!

My little tree that I use each year at Easter
 sits on a table somewhere 
in the living room or dining room.

Before I bought this tree, I used a fallen branch that 
I would find in the yard.

I would begin looking sometimes as early as February.....
just ask my sweet's not always easy
to find just the right branch 
to serve as 
something as special as our family's
Easter tree!

These days if I happen upon a wonderful branch.....
one with just the right height....
one with just enough little branches....
it becomes our outdoor Easter tree!

Well, I strayed from the main topic, didn't I?

The Easter Tree is all decorated!

Let me show you.....

It doesn't usually take me very long to 
get this seasonal lovely ready.

What takes the longest is 
the sentimental journey I take
as each 
ornament comes out of it's container or wrapper.

Some were gifts from friends who told me 
I'm the only person they knew who 
had an Easter tree.

Like this one.....
from Sheila....

or this one from Mary Jane.....

My Mom was always amused that I decorated 
a branch each year and called it 
an Easter tree!

Here are some items she gave me.....
there are a dozen of these little paper mache eggs.

These little wooden cuties are part of a
boxed set that has many, many pieces.

They have such wonderful, little details.

This fuzzy, clip on bunny is rather old.....
she was on my Easter basket one year when I was
about 10 years old.

When I look closely.....
I think she has aged better than I have!

She gets packed up with these eggs 
Mom, Sissy and I decorated 
when I was very young.

Some ornaments I have bought over the years.....

......and one ornament I purchased under the threat of 

"You are NOT leaving this store until you 
buy that ornament!"

Thank you, Jan!

I love it every year when I unpack it......'s so pretty!

Well, Glitterinas, there you have  
our family Easter Tree
2016 Edition.

I love that you take time to let me share 
pictures and thoughts with you!

I would love for you to share 
special Easter decorations you use in your home!

Hugs and glitter,

Monday, February 22, 2016

2016 is Flying By!

Hello Glitterinas!

Can you believe that the calendar is almost 
ready to turn the page from February to 

We've been busy around here.....

major livestock shows,

grand~darlings visiting and crafting,

finding youngest daughter a place to live
(so she can start her new job, thank you, Lord),

moving her into that new place,

added to the regular, everyday chores and tasks!

In the midst of those busy days, 
I started to think about decorating for 

Easter falls quite early this year.

I want to enjoy this special time as long 
as I can.....


time to get out some of my very favorite 
and sentimental decorations!

This is where some of them live when they are not 
out decorating our home.

Taking them out and deciding where they'll 
sit for this year's Easter season is a 
task I look forward to.....

Let me introduce you to some of 
the stars of my Easter parade.

The oldest friend is from husband's grandmother.

He has a large, blue egg and a cute top 
hat that make him look super dapper 
where ever he sits!

This flower pot of bunnies is always 
a fun touch in the kitchen.
Each bunny is a spreader.....cute and useful!

These hand painted eggs 
(that were laid by the chickens here at Five Gables)
look amazing where ever 
they end up.

They were painted by a client of my sister-in-law and then 
gifted to me.

Lucky me!

This year they might get arranged in 
one of these celery dishes.....

I was lucky enough to inherit both 
of these beauties!

I think I want to start decorating with 
the Easter tree.

It usually has a prominent place.....

maybe here on the kitchen island.....

......hmmmm, nope.

I think here on this table in the dining room!

Puff and fluff the bow I added on top.....

......straighten the limbs.....

.....the small, pink rose buds on each limb 
always make this 
"pink lovin' girl" 

Now, I'll get the decorations out of the 
 container that lives out in the 
storage room.....

ooooh, so much fun!

I'll share the finished tree and the other 
decorated areas with you next time!

Thank you, so much, Glitterinas, for taking a 
moment to stop in here 
at Pink Glitter!

This year is flying by and we have to enjoy the 
small happy moments along with the 
big, red letter days.....

......don't we?

Have a lovely day, Glitterinas!

Hugs and glitter,