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Monday, August 29, 2016

Taco Braid......Yum!

Welcome to my kitchen, Glitterinas.

I want to thank you for taking time to 
open this post and spend some time with me 

I want to share a quick, pretty and yummy 
dinner idea with you.
You don't see lots of dinners that are quick to make, 
 are pretty to serve and yummy to eat!

This Taco Braid is a nice dinner to serve 
to eaters of all ages.....littles, papaws,
school kids, moms and dads all can 
enjoy this meal.

Let's get started on that dinner!

Begin by browning a pound of hamburger 
and adding a packet of taco seasoning 
some chili powder, cumin and chili spice mix.

Let that cool a bit while you get the dough 
ready for the braid.

I am such a big fan of these dough sheets.
They are convenient and they taste good!

Place the dough on a parchment covered 
cookie sheet.

Work it with your fingers to get it 
spread out into a rectangle.

Next, you'll make the cuts for the parts of 
the dough that will be "braided".....
it's really more folded but calling the 
recipe a Taco Fold,
that sounds like I'm working with construction paper!

I used a pizza cutter for this step.

Just kind of angle those slices.....

....tah dah!

Now I'm ready to add the inside goodness.

First, the hamburger meat goes right down the middle.

Just scoop it, I add some halved 

And lastly, some grated cheese.....yum!

Cheddar,  Mexi blend, Monterrey.....
what ever kind of cheese your crew likes best will work.

I don't think I'd use feta, but who knows it 
might be super delish!

Now I'm ready to begin the braiding magic!

Really it's the folding magic but 
whatever you want to call's so simple!

I start at the top and fold the first right strip 
over to the left side. 
Next, the top left strip folds over to the right side.

Continue down the dough.....over, 
and before you can say
"Hey, look, it's a taco braid"
you are finished!

For Halloween this could be a cute, kinda scary 

Not really scary, because I don't do that kind of 

Anyway, back to the braid.....
bake it for 25 minutes in a 350 degree oven.

Check for nice, slight
browning.....and remove it from the oven.

I sprinkle some more grated cheese on 
the top of the braid.

More cheese is always good, isn't it, 

I like to serve this taco braid with 
a nice, simple salad and a few additional 

I arrange the salad greens and more 
halved tomatoes on a long, oval platter.

All ready for the braid!

Tweek the tomatoes on the ends so the 
braid will fit nicely!

I use two spatulas to carefully transfer
the braid to the serving platter.

Dinner is almost ready.....

......some corn and black beans,
some salsa,
a little cool sour cream,
a bit more cheese
are add on options that I like to serve with 
the Taco Braid.

I also have salad dressing available.

My hungry eaters like to personalize 
their dinner with their 
favorite toppings.

Let's eat!

I hope you'll give this Taco Braid a try,

I bet your crew likes it as much as mine does.....

Happy day to you lovelies!

Thank you again for stopping in and 
letting me share a recipe with you!

Until next time, Glitterinas,

Saturday, August 13, 2016

The Last Days of Summer

The last days of summer vacation to be 
more accurate.

What are you doing these days in 
August, Glitterinas?

The grand~darlings and I are taking trips to the 
library to check out 
bags full of books to 
enjoy together.

Also, we took some time to 
play with a large, felt board Mr. Potato Head.

Before leaving
we went upstairs to check out 
the artwork that's 
on display.

Some interesting discussions ensued after 
viewing some of these pieces......

"Can people's brains really grow together?"
"Why don't they have shirts on, Gigi?"

"This is Mr. Grumpy Log Head."

"Gigi, did this one get the blue ribbon because the 
birds are about to kiss or because it's standing on a hub cap?"

"These pretty flowers and the red flower 
quilt make this the pretty part of 
the library!"

We also found a recipe for slime that we 
decided to try out!

I will share it with you,
at the end of the post.

We mixed and stirred
and added glitter 
and stars 
and spiders.....

.....and kneaded

and kneaded

and kneaded.....

until the slime was finally ready to stretch
and play with!

You can tell by the look on Hudson's face 
that he is thinking his will break 
at any minute!

The slime gets quite cold when you stretch it out 
and then gather it up into 
a ball again.

This is some fun stuff!

It keeps well in a lidded, plastic container.

As we were gearing up for a shopping trip 
we had a fun snack of 
cantaloupe with jello.

There's always room for jello!

One afternoon, I was visited by a 
crime fighting ninja....

......Michelangelo cleared up all the 
bad guys lurking in the kitchen and when danger was 
averted there.....

.....he made sure the den was safe for 

My hero!

We even worked in a birthday before 
our summer was to end.....

Make your own ice cream sundae, 
and decorate a sugar cookie....

then sing a rousing chorus of 
Happy Birthday!

This frozen dessert is so good.

It's creamy, cold, sweet and pink!

It's also quite simple to make......
I'll share this recipe, too, at the end of the post!

Last but not least, in these final days 
of summer vacation, 

a litter of piggies were born!

This litter of Chester piggies is the 
first of many litters we'll be having 
here at Five Gables Farm.

They are so busy, squealing, soft, and 
cute.....I try not to get too 
attached to them because 
they will be sold in the sale 
my husband has in the fall.

We've had some fun this summer....

......and wrapped up the final days staying busy 
with crafts, food, reading, laughing and 
some craziness!

I hope you are enjoying 
these days of August too,

If you are going back to the classroom as a student,
I wish you a wonderful year.

If you are going back to the classroom as a teacher,
I wish you a super, drama free, enjoyable year.
Please know I pray for you every day!

Thanks for stopping by 
I appreciate you taking time to open this post 
and spending time with me!

Until next time,

Recipe for slime-

1- 5 oz. bottle Elmer's Clear glue
1/2 cup liquid starch
glitter (optional)
confetti (optional)
parchment paper

Pout entire bottle of glue into a plastic bowl.
(I used a medium sized mixing bowl 
with plenty of room to stir.)
Add glitter and/or confetti next 
and stir well.

Add some of the liquid starch and stir.
The mixture will begin to stiffen up.
Keep slowly adding the starch and stirring.

When the mixture is too hard to stir,
place it on parchment paper and 
knead it.

Knead it.
Knead it.

Continue to add starch as you knead
until all the starch is added in.

One batch of our slime did not have as much glitter 
as the grand wanted so we did add more after it was kneaded.
The glitter incorporated fine.


Frozen Cherry Delish!

1 can cherry pie filling
(any fruit pie filling will work)
1 can Eagle Brand milk
1 medium carton Cool Whip

Mix all the ingredients together.
Pour into a glass loaf pan.

Swirl and even out the top 
with a spatula. 

Cover loosely with plastic wrap.

Freeze for 5 hours or over night.

Take loaf pan out of the freezer 
and remove the plastic wrap
about 20-30 minutes before serving.

Slice, serve, and 
stand back and smile 
at all the compliments you receive!

Have a copy of the recipe 
ready to give out.....

People are going to ask you for it!

Enjoy, Glitterinas!