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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Sunshine and Family!

Sunshine and family are a hard combo to beat!

I apologize for being a little tardy with these pics, Glitterinas, but
my internet connection has been on the fritz......bummer!

Let's get to the good stuff.....I feel I need to warn you,
I took LOTS of pictures!

We had a lovely day to gather for
yummy eats....

The tables filled up as everyone arrived and 
put out their delicious offerings.

I had fun making cute decorations.....

and, of course, there was an Easter egg hunt....

What a bunch of cute cousins!

Baskets of goodies.....

We also took time to thank the Lord for sending His precious son 
to die for our sins......and for all of our blessings!

Everyone was so sweet to pose for me.....I got some great family

We missed those who were not able to come.....
we'll get their picture next time!

Here's some of my crew.....

Can you guess who's behind the masks??
Brothers and Sisters!
Even Papaw Jack got in on the fun!

Having fun and hangin' out.....

Goodness gracious, I had a wonderful day!

Sunshine and family really ARE a hard combo to beat!

I am so glad you stopped by to see what's happening here
at Pink Glitter.

I love sharing my family with you.....they are such a terrific bunch!

Until next time,

P.S. During our busy day we had a little accident.....
thankfully no one was hurt.....

The porch swing that hangs from one of our huge oak trees...
The old hardware just bent and down came one end of the swing.....

But it got fixed quickly and perfectly.....

Thanks so much guys!
You are the BEST!

Saturday, April 26, 2014

What do sand and love have in common?

Well, Glitterinas, I'll tell you.

They can both fill things!

Sand can fill a bucket or the space between your toes-ies.

Love can fill your heart!

On a recent trip to the Texas coast I was lucky enough
to squish my toes in the sand and feel the love that filled a room!

My brother in law, Cass, 


fell in love, 

and eloped 

the love of his life, Tricia!

Here they are.....

All together now....Ahhhh.....

At Thanksgiving they announced that they had eloped and 
would be having a party when the weather was forward to Spring....
 we received this
lovely piece of mail....

How fun!  A party!

The party venue was at the beach.....there was a boardwalk.....

that led right down to the sand and surf!

To a girl who grew up on the Texas Gulf coast the surf, sand, and sea gulls 
bring back all kind of fun childhood memories!

When we strolled back up the boardwalk to the party, 
a super cute entrance table beckoned us to come inside.

I love this picture......

Candles, a guest book, and an opportunity to send happy wishes
 to the new couple also greeted guests!

These interesting, clever decorations set the mood
for this comfortable, happy celebration!

Here's my husband holding the newest addition to our loud and rowdy crew....

Miss Scarlett!

An evening of visiting and meeting new people 
was enjoyed by everyone.

Here are some special people.....
my husband's sisters and their spouses.

.....and my husband's brother and his spouse!

I did not have anyone get a snap of husband and I....
no big loss there.

Dinner was served and we all sat at tables with more 
creative decorations.

Didn't want to forget to take this home......I'd been told
there were chocolate kisses inside.

Even the glasses had a fun touch.....

After dinner, there was dessert.....oh, be still my sugar lovin' heart!

Love IS sweet.....
and so was the bride's cake.....I got a piece from 
the pineapple layer.....sooooo good.

I wasn't the only one snapping party pics....

I wasn't the only one dancing, visiting, eating, drinking or
having a great time, either.

We all got to hug these two and say 
for including us in a terrific get-together!

Thank YOU, Glitterinas, for sharing my
sand and love filled trip to the coast.

Until next time,