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Thursday, April 14, 2016

An Empty Shepherd's Hook

Hello, Glitterinas!

I need to find or make something to hang 
on this empty shepherd's hook.

Even Anne, one of my chickens, is 
wondering why I don't have something hanging there.

I tried a small Easter sign, but it wasn't in 
proportion to the size of the hook.

I was sitting on the swing.....and then, there it was..... old, rusty roaster pan!

Isn't it perfect??!!

Did you just snort and roll your eyes?

That's OK....

My family does it all the time.

I have lots of crazy ideas.....many are definitely snort and 
eye roll worthy!

Let's see what happens after I take it into the 
craft room and make a few additions to it.....

                                                  hot glue....



How exciting!

Hmmmmm, let's see what I can do.....

......a banner is always cheerful.....
so let's have two.

"Welcome" is a nice greeting....
let's add that, too.

I like a nice bow.....

Now, some tricky hot glue magic to make 
this little sign stand up ....

....hey, it worked!

Cover the hot glue glob with some moss....
.....and add some ribbons to the lower handle.

Oooooh, I think I like it!

Let's go back outside to that sad, empty 
shepherd's hook.

Hang up the perfect old, rusty, 
roaster pan.....

......and watch the ribbons dance in the breeze!

Dig around in your stash and see what you 
can find that would be 


for that spot in your yard that needs a little something!

I hope this inspires you to rescue that interesting old piece 
and make it into something that will add just 
the perfect touch to a space
that needs a little something!

Craft on, Glitterinas!

Share your projects with me......I can't 
wait to see them!

Until next time,

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