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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Just a Touch of Rusty Crusty!

Hello, Glitterinas!

I am so glad you are here!

I am using the lid to an old,
rusty roaster pan.....

to make something decorative and 

I began by spraying this 
old, rusty piece a matte white.....

several coats were needed.

Then I wrote 

I wanted to tie something interesting 
onto the small handle.

I decided to start with raffia.

I have loved using raffia for years and years....

my friend, Ginger, can vouch for this.

Do you still use raffia, Ginger?

Then maybe some burlap ribbon.

This ribbon is very stiff and a good choice 
for exterior use......
I think I'll just use 
a short piece instead of a bow.

I wanted a button or some small "thing"
to go on top of the ribbon.... I went through my stash, I found this....

......a rusty, crusty piece of a hinge.


Now I'll tie all the parts together using some
wired raffia....great stuff!

Then attach the raffia piece to the handle.

I like it!

Do you like it, Glitterinas?

Now, let's go outside and see what it 
looks like in the metal basket 
where I want to use it.....

fingers crossed....

Well, there it is!

One man's trash 
another man's treasure.

That phrase certainly applies here!

Do you have a 
rusty, crusty, old piece 
that is just waiting to become 
something fun, Glitterinas?

Thank you so much for 
opening and reading 
this post from 
Pink Glitter!

I am always glad 
when you stop by.....

....leave me a note so I'll know you
were here!  Thanks.

Until next time,

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