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Monday, August 29, 2016

Taco Braid......Yum!

Welcome to my kitchen, Glitterinas.

I want to thank you for taking time to 
open this post and spend some time with me 

I want to share a quick, pretty and yummy 
dinner idea with you.
You don't see lots of dinners that are quick to make, 
 are pretty to serve and yummy to eat!

This Taco Braid is a nice dinner to serve 
to eaters of all ages.....littles, papaws,
school kids, moms and dads all can 
enjoy this meal.

Let's get started on that dinner!

Begin by browning a pound of hamburger 
and adding a packet of taco seasoning 
some chili powder, cumin and chili spice mix.

Let that cool a bit while you get the dough 
ready for the braid.

I am such a big fan of these dough sheets.
They are convenient and they taste good!

Place the dough on a parchment covered 
cookie sheet.

Work it with your fingers to get it 
spread out into a rectangle.

Next, you'll make the cuts for the parts of 
the dough that will be "braided".....
it's really more folded but calling the 
recipe a Taco Fold,
that sounds like I'm working with construction paper!

I used a pizza cutter for this step.

Just kind of angle those slices.....

....tah dah!

Now I'm ready to add the inside goodness.

First, the hamburger meat goes right down the middle.

Just scoop it, I add some halved 

And lastly, some grated cheese.....yum!

Cheddar,  Mexi blend, Monterrey.....
what ever kind of cheese your crew likes best will work.

I don't think I'd use feta, but who knows it 
might be super delish!

Now I'm ready to begin the braiding magic!

Really it's the folding magic but 
whatever you want to call's so simple!

I start at the top and fold the first right strip 
over to the left side. 
Next, the top left strip folds over to the right side.

Continue down the dough.....over, 
and before you can say
"Hey, look, it's a taco braid"
you are finished!

For Halloween this could be a cute, kinda scary 

Not really scary, because I don't do that kind of 

Anyway, back to the braid.....
bake it for 25 minutes in a 350 degree oven.

Check for nice, slight
browning.....and remove it from the oven.

I sprinkle some more grated cheese on 
the top of the braid.

More cheese is always good, isn't it, 

I like to serve this taco braid with 
a nice, simple salad and a few additional 

I arrange the salad greens and more 
halved tomatoes on a long, oval platter.

All ready for the braid!

Tweek the tomatoes on the ends so the 
braid will fit nicely!

I use two spatulas to carefully transfer
the braid to the serving platter.

Dinner is almost ready.....

......some corn and black beans,
some salsa,
a little cool sour cream,
a bit more cheese
are add on options that I like to serve with 
the Taco Braid.

I also have salad dressing available.

My hungry eaters like to personalize 
their dinner with their 
favorite toppings.

Let's eat!

I hope you'll give this Taco Braid a try,

I bet your crew likes it as much as mine does.....

Happy day to you lovelies!

Thank you again for stopping in and 
letting me share a recipe with you!

Until next time, Glitterinas,

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