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Thursday, April 3, 2014

If I Owned an Island.....

Hello, Glitterinas!

I have been looking to buy an island......for the kitchen!

Sorry to tease you, did you think I meant a lovely piece of land surrounded by
tropical, turquoise water?

Well, that could be fun, but for now, I want a new piece of furniture to use in the kitchen.

My sweet husband stopped at a furniture store one day after work.

He knew I had been wanting an island for the kitchen.....our kitchen is
roomy enough and I'd been using a drop leaf table in this space.

Here's a picture of the small vintage piece we'd been using, all decked out for Fall.

 This little antique table is just a smidge too short......I would really like
an island that is cabinet height and not quite as wide.

Well, that random after work stop turned out to be lucky for me!

Husband found just what I'd been looking for.....wahoooooo!

He picked me up at home and drove back so I could see this potential purchase.

Turns out, I loved it!

Done and done!

We loaded up that little pretty in the truck and brought it home.....

Thanks to a thoughtful husband, I now own an island!

How do you think it looks here?

Do you like it?

Here's a couple of artsy shots.....

Look at the gingerbread like trim......I likey, how about you?

This piece has two drawers and a shelf.

I like the wood finished top and the painted, distressed apron, legs and lower shelf.

OK, I can't stand it any longer......what kind of pretties will look good here?

How about this?!

My silver tray chalk board....

One of my Mom's table cloths and napkins.....I remember 
taking these on picnics when I was young.

With the top arranged (for the moment)....let's find something
for the shelf below.

This basket could live here....but it looks kinda lonely just sitting there
all empty.....

I have round table cloths, that I use on this table, 
taking up prime real estate in a kitchen drawer....

I think I'll see what those table cloths look like in that basket.

Now that I can see them, I bet I use them all more.

Are you wondering where the little drop leaf table went......

Help yourself to a cup of coffee and I'll show you.

It fits at the end of the sofa.....

.....a perfect place to set a coffee cup!

Thank you for stopping by to check on what I've been up to.

I always appreciate you letting me 
share my just never know what you'll learn about me, do you?

Until next time, Glitterinas,

Thankful for:

all the sweet memories I have of Mom, Dad and Sissy

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