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Monday, June 9, 2014

Greet Spring (or Summer) With It's Own Sign!

Welcome to the craft room!

Come on in, Glitterinas....we're going to 
do a little painting today.

I am so glad you stopped by!

I have some good heavy pieces of cut lumber 
left over
from a scarecrow sign I made in the fall.
I want to use a piece to make a
sign welcoming Spring!

I picked out a mossy green for the background....

.....painted two coats and let them dry.

Using a medium tip sharpie, I wrote happy spring at the top and
drew little "stitch" lines around all four sides of the sign.

You might want to make your sign say "happy summer"......
goodness, time is flying, isn't it?!

I cut some paper circles and a few leaf shapes from pages of 
an old farmer's almanac.

Then, using watercolors (borrowed from the grands' stash)
I painted a color wash on the circles and leaves.

These dried quickly.

I stacked and glued the circles, drew 
some marks on the petals, and glued a button
on each flower.

I played around with the placement of
the flowers on the sign until I was
happy with the way everything looked......

Then I drew on some stems and glued the flowers 
and leaves on the sign.

I splattered some yellow paint over the entire sign
because I thought it looked a bit flat and dull.

Hmmmm, that helped.....

I let the sign dry....and stood it at the
end of the kitchen island.

It will be here welcoming spring and
guests into our home!

I'm not putting the paint away.....I want to paint a
Rules for the Pool sign next.....

There are some cute ideas out there.

Do you need a new sign at your house?

Give these little mixed media flowers a try.....they are easy and fun!

I am so glad you stopped by Pink Glitter today.

Thank you!

Until next time,

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