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Monday, March 7, 2016

An Easter Table

Spring is almost here, Glitterinas!

I have waited to organize my Easter table 
because my gorgeous lilies from my 
sweet Valentine were still blooming!

These lilies were so pretty and their 
sweet scent went all through the house.

When the blooms were sadly all spent, I knew
it was time to get my dining room table 
ready for Easter.

Our big family group will all be gathering at our home this year 
for Easter.
What could be better than gathering to celebrate the
resurrection of our Savior?

I have a table cloth that is solid 
decorated egg print.  I have used it for 
25 years.....hmmmm, 
maybe I could use it as a runner this year.....

.......I got it out with a pastel pink table cloth.

Let's get these on the table and see how they look together.

I added a gauzy piece of brighter pink 
fabric for an extra layer of color.

Then, I folded the egg print cloth into a runner sized 
addition for the table.
(May I say that I now have the skills it takes 
to wrestle a bear?!)

Papaw Jack brings me boxes of interesting 

......would you like to guess what was in the last box 
he brought me?

Dishes?  nope

Silverware?  nope

Photographs?  nope

The box contained two very old aprons 
and a stack of doilies.

The doilies were strange colors....


darker brown,

muddy brown,


and darker beige.

Hmmmmm, smile and say 
"Thank you, Papaw!"

While in my mind I was thinking 
"I wonder what color these really are?"

Well, after several soaking,
scrubbing, and rinsing sessions.....'s what I ended up with!

Needless to say I was very happy.

(The two aprons washed nicely, too!)

These doilies belonged to Papaw's mother.
They were probably made for her by one of her 
many friends who crocheted.

I am so glad she kept them all those years......and then 
packed them away for me to have all these years later!

After I saw the pretty colors that were underneath 
all that brown
and brown
 I knew I'd 
probably use some of these doilies on 
my Easter table.

I picked these.....

My grandmother crocheted, so I have been 
a lover of doilies for 
a VERY long time,
but I have never seen 
this large star-like pointed pattern.

Next, I decided to use some of my
mercury glass votives.

On the large star doily,
I arranged my hand-painted eggs in 
a long celery dish.

The eggs are perched on a piece of lace and 
some pink pearls.


This is how the table looked for about a week.....

......and then I decided the table needed just 
a little more height.

Next time, I'll share the tweaks I made to add a 
little more height to this table scape!

Thank you so much for reading through 
this Pink Glitter post.  I am so glad 
you stopped by.....

Do you decorate your table for Easter?

What do you like to use?

I'd love for you to share......

Until next time, Glitterinas.....

Hugs and doilies,

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