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Sunday, November 20, 2016

Velvet Acorns

This fast project is perfect to add to your 
Thanksgiving table, Glitterinas!

Gather up some empty acorn hats....

This is a wonderful job for  
helpful littles.

Pick out some pom poms that 
are fall colors....

....glue the two together....


Tah Dah....

Velvet Acorns!

I used hot glue around the 
circular edge of each acorn hat 
to attach the pom pom.

Here's a look at the ones I made....

.....a triple hat...

....and the big 
mamma jamma

(thank you Robbi for adding that term to my 
vocabulary a hundred years ago)

.....five hats on one stem!

These look cute on the table just
scattered around.

They also look good in 
pretty, little bowls.

You could pile them in 
a tea cup, or place one 
at each person's place for 
a little favor to take home!

Give these a try and scatter them around your 
Thanksgiving table.

Little velvet acorns will add
a fun touch to your holiday table.

Leave me a note and let me know 
what you think about 
these little cuties!

Share a picture if you give this project a try....

Thanks, Glitterinas!

Happy Thanksgiving,

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