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Monday, December 5, 2016

Christmas Signs

Hello, Glitterinas!

Have you started decorating for Christmas?

Are you finished decorating, maybe?

I am right in the middle of decorating.....and
I decided I needed some new, little touches.

Let's head upstairs to my arts & crafts area and 
get started.

 I saw this sign online, but it was a 
large, painted, linen sign.....

I wanted a smaller sign, so I just decided to 
try and make a smaller one.

After I designed, printed and trimmed it....

I added some trim and a skewer to the 
top for stability and hanging....

.....a ribbon hanger, bow and a couple
of jingle bells..... and I'm finished with this sign.

My next attempt was a super cute saying...., print, trim, and glue onto red paper!

The hardest part of making this sign 
was choosing all the fonts!

I think I'll send this to our youngest 
daughter for her office.

Let's move on to my next sign.....

Design, print, trim, and glue onto a piece of 
thin, green foam.

I added some pretty trim to each end, a twine hanger and then 
this sign was ready to hang!

I like it!

What do you think, Glitterinas?

Last, but not least, is a little cutie that 
has a snow scene and a traditional 
holiday wish.

I mounted this sign on a heavy piece of 
scrapbook paper.....added some fun trim....

....a couple of punched snowflakes.....

.....a jute hanger......and this sign is finished, too!

I found places for all my new Christmas signs to hang....
let's take a look.

This one's in the guest bedroom....

......and this one's by the back door.

These were fun to make, fast to make, 
and add a festive touch around the house.

These could be tied on the bow of a gift for 
an added, tiny touch for a special friend, teacher, stylist.....

Do you have some place in your house 
that needs a little holiday touch?

Why not make a Christmas-y little sign 
to hang there?

Leave me a comment so I know you 
stopped by....thanks!

I hope you are having a lovely 

Until next time,

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