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Saturday, July 22, 2017

LEGO Table

Our grand~darlings love, love, love 
playing with LEGOs.

We have a round table in the kitchen, and a 
large dining room table that are great for building 
but when it's time to eat, all the wonderful creations have to be 
put away.

That's not always a popular announcement....
"Clean up for lunch!" was followed by
"Oh man, Gigi, we're not finished....just look at 
this animal,
that I'm working on!"

Hmmmm, surely there's a solution for this pressing, 
extremely important and re-occuring problem!

While cleaning up Papaw's house we found several 
large, wooden trays.

One of these would be perfect for a LEGO table.

Paint was the first step in this transformation.

It doesn't look like one coat will be enough.... the second step in the transformation was 
simply another coat of paint.

Easy peasy!

The little edge on this tray will help keep
all those pieces corralled....I hope!

When the paint dried, I glued a LEGO 
building mat on one area.

Now, the grands have a place to work on their 
LEGO masterpieces for as long as they need!


When the LEGO table needs to be stored away 
we simply slip it under the guest bedroom bed!

Do you have a LEGO table at your house?

Please share your LEGO ideas with me,
I'd love to hear about them!

I'm so glad you stopped by 
Pink Glitter 

Thanks for reading, Glitterinas.

Until next time,

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