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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Little Surprises......Mushrooms!

I'm heading outside for a walk, Glitterinas,
won't you join me!

We've been having some good rain 
lately that's keeping everything watered.

I'm thankful for every drop of rain 
this time of year!

One result of all this good moisture is 
mushrooms......they pop up all over the place.

Lots of colors, shapes and sizes.....
all poisonous.
(I don't really know that they are poisonous, but I'm 
not taking any chances with the grand~darlings....
so all the mushrooms and fungi growing at 
Gigi's are poisonous!)

It's sunny here today so spritz on 
some sunscreen.

Let's see if we can find some 
mushrooms to look at....

Here are some more....

......these are sturdy guys!

Sometimes I have to move a bit of grass to see 
these little surprises.

A stick can help me move the grass to get a 
better look....
ooooops, that's not a stick.....

......that's Mr. Snake who raised up his head as I 
started to pick him up.....eeeeek!

He gets to live because I can hear my friend 
DeeAnn telling me not to kill every snake I see.

Well, Glitterinas, let's continue our walk.....'s some colorful fungi growing on a fallen branch.

Most of these little mushrooms are neutral colors.

I think these are my favorites.....

....those bright red tops are so vibrant!
They really show up!

I've enjoyed our walk, Glitterinas,
thanks for coming along with me!

Let's go back to the house and have some does sweet tea with lemon sound?

Have you had any of these little surprises 
popping up around your house?

Leave me a comment so I'll know you've
stopped by, please.

Until next time,

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