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Friday, August 30, 2013

A Little Banner of Pumpkins.....You can make one, too!

Hello Glitterinas!

I am so glad you stopped by the thermometer inches its way up, up, up to 102 degrees each afternoon I find myself wishing for Autumn to hurry up and get here!

It's my favorite season!

I love the cooler weather.....

I love my sweaters......

I love watching my college football team play.....

I love to eat pumpkin spice anything......and smelling pumpkin spice candles.....mmmmmm

I love seeing the leaves turn pretty colors......every tree around this area doesn't turn pretty colors, but we have a few that do and I love 'em!  We even have some smaller plants and shrubs that join in the autumn fun and flash some pretty colors!

I love bringing in pine cones, leaves and small branches to decorate with.....

I love setting the table with my fall dishes.....

I love getting out my storage tubs of autumn things.....pumpkins, scare crows, Indian corn, burlap bows, swags of pretty leaves and berries......old friends I haven't seen since last year!

Wow, that's a whole lot of love, isn't it?!

I also love crafting things to put around our, as I was sitting under the ceiling fan, drinking iced tea and wishing for all things autumn, I decided to make a fun, seasonal banner for the fireplace!

I decided to start with pages from an old Farmer's Almanac for the flags that will make up the banner......I really like the aged look of these pages.

I wanted to put a paper pumpkin on each flag, so I picked out some paper, made a template out of heavy card stock and cut out some pumpkins.  Snip, snip,'s fun to watch the pieces of a project come together!

I decided to make 11 flags so there would be a "middle" to the banner and I could center it easily on the fireplace!

Next, I cut some simple, little rectangles for the stems and some leaf shapes out of green, patterned paper.

Now, each pumpkin needed a button.....I saw some cute fabric pumpkins ( I wish I could remember where, so I could say thanks for the idea) that simply had a button tacked on and they were just soooo cute!

So, after a quick look through the button do these look?

I hot glued all the pieces together....and then glued each pumpkin onto its own flag.....

I glued all the flags onto some light brown baker's twine and the banner was ready to hang.....

Here it is!

I love my little pumpkin banner.....this little string of pumpkins marks the beginning of Autumn decorating around our house.

Now it's your turn.....what do you love about Autumn?

Thank you so much for stopping by!

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