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Friday, August 23, 2013

A Name Banner and A Simple Tutorial

Hello Glitterinas!

Thank you so much for stopping by and checking out what's on the blog today.  I am having a busy, but good week.....I hope your week has been good, too!

Husband and I are blessed with three funny, crazy, busy, laughing grand~darlings......ages 7, 5, and 3 (almost).  Miss Middle Grand had a birthday recently and I made some decorations for her party.

Miss Oldest Grand had a birthday earlier in the summer and I made a name banner for her and it now hangs in her, Miss Middle Grand requested a name banner also!

I have some pictures to show you and some very simple steps so you can make a name banner, too, if you'd like.  I enjoy crafting with paper, glitter, hot glue, crepe paper......the list just goes on and on.....crafting is relaxing for me and usually I end with something kinda cute!

Miss Middle Grand looked through my paper stash and picked out several different pieces that she really was funny to watch her as she chose...."I love that one, Gigi"....or "Yuck, Gigi, not that one".....I had a stack of paper to work with, for party decorations, that had been approved by the birthday girl!

Here's the finished banner, draped over the back of a chair waiting for party day.

To make the banner, I used my Martha Stewart circle punch to make several six inch circles with a decorative, punched edge.

Next, I cut each circle in half.

Then I made the pieces that stack up on the half circle piece......

a little, crepe paper ruffle circle.....

a two inch circle punch.....

Stack those three parts up and add a sticky letter!  I use hot glue to hold all the parts together but some crafters like sticky dots or tape runners.....I have found that decorations for outside hold together better with hot glue, though.

After each letter of her name had it's "half circle stack" all glued together, I was ready to hot glue them onto yarn.  

I check and double check the order of the letters. It's not fun at all to have to take apart and re~glue a banner because a name is misspelled!  I have also ended up with words flip flopped, going the wrong way.......what a goober!  Rick rack or ribbon are cute for hanging, too, but this time I used purple yarn!

On party day the name banner hung on the wooden counter where we set out food and snacks.  The birthday girl was happy with her I was happy, too!  

Here are some pictures of other decorations I made for the party......

A jar to fill with M&Ms......

Some spinner strings to hang on the Welcome sign.....

and a coloring book to give all her party guests with their favor bags.....

The birthday girl enjoyed her party.....the weather was perfect for swimming, grilling, eating, visiting, playing horse shoes and celebrating a 5th birthday!

Thanks again for stopping by!

If you are starting back to school, I wish you a terrific year!

Please follow "PinkGlitter"......I hope you have a lovely and restful weekend.


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