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Saturday, March 29, 2014


Well, Glitterinas, there are signs of Spring all over the place at my house.

What about your place?

I hope you are having some lovely days with
touches of green and patches of sunlight!

Spring Has Sprung
by Scott Austin

Spring has sprung
With the abundance
Of blossoming flowers

The feel of affection
With kindling of love
When two souls meet

The spring brings such delight
In the early morning light
With hearts of satisfaction

Spring brings sweet smells
Of lily of the valley
Where the green grass grows

Where the water flows
And children are playing
With fun and laughter

One would say that
Spring has sprung
With such loveliness

That can only be felt
This time of year
With such an exhilaration 

I am wishing you sunshine on your shoulders 
and a light, soft breeze on your cheeks.....if not today, then very soon!
Thanks to Scott Austin for a special piece of poetry.

Thank you for stopping by and sharing 
some early signs of Spring with me, Glitterinas!

Until next time,

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