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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Another Yummy Recipe.....Marinated Tomatoes

More yumminess, Glitterinas.....

....are you ready to head to the kitchen?

Come on, grab a cool drink and let's get busy!

Today, we are taking advantage of the
delicious bounty being produced by our
tomato plants!

When I took this picture, I was wondering what to do with
these lovelies.

They finished ripening and I found a 
Southern Living recipe that inspired me!

I changed up the recipe a bit....different spices and herbs.....
sometimes change is good, right?!?

In this case, it was!

We'll begin with 8 cups of tomatoes, the small yellow jewels are cut in half
and the red Roma tomatoes are cut into four pieces.

Pour the tomatoes into a bowl....

Sprinkle them with a scant 1/4 cup of course sea salt and stir.

Set the tomatoes aside and begin the marinade.

Into a medium hot skillet, pour one and a half cups of olive oil.

Next, add one medium, rough chopped onion
to the oil....

.....and four or five chopped cloves of garlic.

Cook until the onions are transparent.

Stir......stir......stir......not constantly, but
keep an eye on them.

When the onions are transparent, cool completely.
I love the way this mixture makes my kitchen smell!

I wish I had smell-o-vision for you, Glitterinas!

In a mixing cup, place 1/3 cup of red wine vinegar.
I used roasted garlic, red wine vinegar.

Now add some yummy things to this.....

from the herb garden....

fresh chives and purple basil.

Chives and basil from the grocery store are
perfectly fine, too!

I am lucky enough to have these herbs growing 
out in the yard.

These herbs are a change I made from the original
Southern Living recipe.

Thyme, rosemary, parsley......could be used, in any
combination....if they are your
favorite herbs!

I used kitchen shears to snip, snip, snip
the chives and add them to the vinegar.

Then, before adding the basil, I decided to use
a cutting technique I learned from
 Martha Stewart.....

the chiffonade.

Stack the basil leaves....

....roll them up.....

....and chop, chop!

Into the vinegar mixture.

Lastly, a hit of crushed red pepper flakes....
not much.....Husband is not a fan
of spicy!

By now, your oil, onion and garlic mixture
is probably cooled.

Pour it over the salted tomatoes.

Give the whole shootin' match a really good stir!

Now, pour in the vinegar mixture.....


I had a good, tall jar with a tight fitting lid that I decided
I would use to store the marinated tomatoes.

They will keep for 2 weeks in the refrigerator.....
they won't last that long here at our house!

Oooooh, yummmmm!

Can you see all those yummy herbs mixed into
those delicious little pieces of tomato?

It was time for lunch when I finished this
jar of mouth-watering goodness.

I set the table with red, white and blue to continue the
tablescape theme......

I made some corn bread and served up
a pretty plate of marinated tomatoes
for our lunchtime pleasure!

I sprinkled a little more basil on top.

Very good!

If you have some fresh tomatoes that you want
to eat up.....definitely give this recipe a try!

I have served these tomatoes on polenta, 
on chicken,
 and tossed with pasta....
all good!

Thanks for spending some time in the kitchen 
with me, Glitterinas!

I love that you take time from your day
to visit me here at Pink Glitter!

Until next recipe,

Thankful for:
sweet friends, who like me just as I am

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