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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Look at These Colors!

Good Morning, Glitterinas!

While I was outside this morning, I couldn't help noticing 
all the beautiful colors that have recently popped
in our yard.

We have a piece of Texas that is just under ten acres.....but we share it
with lots of critters.....

including deer!

So, any plants we don't want to share with those
lovely, graceful, eating machines must be
kept inside the fence that encloses
the yard around the house!

Let me show you some of the plethora
of colors we get to enjoy.

We'll start with white.....

The white flowers look so nice and cool as the temperatures begin to climb.

There's the light brown and grey of the cardinal's nest....

It's abandoned now but was a little, round circle of
crazy activity when mom and dad cardinal were feeding their three
babies who hatched out here!

This is right outside our dining room window.....I had a front row seat 
to the world of 
these beautiful, dedicated and hard-working birds!

The next color I want to share with you is
my husband's favorite.....


Look at this tomato plant explosion.....

Waiting for more tomatoes to ripen.....

We are lucky to have some areas with thick, green grass.....
not the whole yard......but after the winter we had, I'll take what we
still have and be thankful!

We pray for rain every day......and are always
very thankful for every drop the Lord
sends us!

Each drop of rain helps maintain this
colorful Swiss Chard.

It's so delicious.....

Now, let's take a look at some things in the yard
that are my favorite color.....


I was snapping pics early in the morning
and these little lovelies weren't even awake yet.

We have some very attractive coleus that are growing
nicely....they are boasting lovely colors!

I'll finish up my colorful extravaganza with these
plants and flowers that have 
such nice, saturated hues!

These pansy faces make me smile!

They have been such bloomin' troopers I'll miss
them when the weather gets hot hot and they poop out!

Look at this sweet smile.....

Garden Girl is enjoying the explosion of color
in the yard, too!

One last picture of some special miltonia that are
on our kitchen table.

These were a gift from my husband's students.

It's wonderful when hard work and passion for
excellence are recognized, isn't it?!

I am so glad you stopped by Pink Glitter today.
Thank you for letting me share a colorful snippet of my world with you!

What lovely colors do you have in your world these days
that you are enjoying?
Please leave me a comment, I treasure each one!

Until next time,

Thankful for:
room to grow plants and flowers


  1. Tammy, do you know the names of the plants that you have posted? I love the different types, but I am not much of a garderner! Last year, I planted a few things and loved the colors, but they were all annuals. Any suggestions?

  2. The pink flowers that I know are:
    mini dahlias
    pink flowering salvia (butterflies love this)

    The red, ruffled, kind of thick flowers are cock's comb.

    The purple, pink finger looking flowers are celosia.

    The leafy, colorful plants are coleus.

    The flowery vine is morning glory....this comes in purple (native) and lipstick pink (improved variety).

    These are all annuals, too. I had some zinnia volunteers come back.....

    Good luck!

  3. Also Helen, the last pink flower is bougainvillea.
    I am so glad you visited the blog.....thanks so much!

  4. I love following you! Thank you so much for the list!!!