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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Homemade Strawberry Jam....Jars of Red Goodness!

What do you like on your toast?

Butter.....cinnamon and sugar.....a smear of avocado.....

Well, Glitterinas, I like all of those choices!

I also like homemade strawberry jam!

That's what we're making today.....sweet, delicious, red jam.....
made from an old recipe.

Is your mouth watering? Mine is.....

We'll start with four pounds of strawberries.....
washed, hulled, and cut up.

Are those berries pretty or what?!

Next, peel and cut up four apples.....
I will be using two Granny Smith and two
Golden Delicious apples.

These apples add the pectin naturally to the jam.

Last ingredient...... a can of grape juice.

Place the strawberries and apples into a
heavy pan.....I used my dutch oven so I'd have
plenty of room to stir.

Give the fruit a big stir.....and add the grape juice.

That's all the ingredients......really!

Over medium heat bring the mixture to a gentle boil.

Stir, stir, stir.....

Keep stirring and cooking.....until it looks like this.

I use my immersion blender to smooth out some of
the chunky pieces that have not cooked down.

Whirrr, whirrr.....

My kitchen smells so good!

I can hardly wait to taste this beautiful red goodness....
but right now it's crazy, burn your mouth hot!

Sterilized jars and lids are warming up in the sink.....just waiting
to be filled.

The big jar is for our enjoyment and the small jars 
are to give away!

When the strawberry mixture is ready, 
I skim the bubbles from the top.

I find it easier to skim the pot than to skim each jar.

Let's get our assembly line all set up.....

A big mouth canning funnel is a life saver for 
this particular activity!

Ready, set......fill those jars, wipe the edge, top each jar with a new lid 
and a band......then set each one
on the wire rack to be placed into the boiling water.

When the water bath processing is complete, set the jars carefully on a
towel to cool.....and count the "pops".

Hopefully each and every jar lid will seal.

Any jars that do not seal should be placed into the refrigerator
and eaten first!

I bet you have someone who would be willing to help you eat up
some fresh strawberry jam!

The sealed, cooled jars can go onto the pantry shelf....

.....where they will sit in all their red glory just waiting
to be opened and served with toast or biscuits
given to a special friend or family member!

Yum, yum......

Does homemade strawberry jam sound good to you?

This recipe is a good one to try this summer.

Give it a try, Glitterinas, and let me hear how
good yours turns out!

Thank you so much for working in the kitchen with me today....
it was fun, wasn't it?!

Here's to lazy strawberry days,

Thankful for:
wonderful doctors and nurses 
who take such good care of me when
I'm not feeling so good


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