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Thursday, December 18, 2014

A Christmas Tour

Welcome to our home, Glitterinas!

I would love to take you on a tour 
of our home and share some of
our Christmas trimmings.

Let's go in through the front gate....

Up the sidewalk and onto the front porch.....

Through the screen door you can see the 
twinkling lights of our tree.

You can also see Sophie hoping you are here to see her
and spend some time petting her!

Let's go inside..... in our living room we have some of my
favorite Christmas things!

Christmas in Bethlehem....a musical piece that has 
the Wise Men and shepherds walking to see 
Baby Jesus.

This is our youngest daughter's very favorite 
Christmas decoration!

The Nativity Scene that the grand-darlings
can play with.... Aggie Santa.... Mom's silver Nativity scene....

......a basket of books to enjoy during quiet times.....

.....our stockings, that are hung by the 
chimney with care each year....

....are all here.....

......and last but certainly not least,
our tree!

Our next stop will be the 
dining room table.

Each year after we eat our big Christmas meal, we
pop open the Christmas crackers!

Then wearing our paper party hats, we take 
some group pictures....

one or two with happy smiles and then 
a crazy snap or two making funny faces!

Silliness, silliness!

All these Santas are lined up and 
greeting everyone who visits 
Five Gables Farm 
at this festive time of year!

Next time, we'll check out the 
Christmas-y fun in the kitchen 
and the rest of the house.

I am so thankful for each of you 
who take time from your busy days
to join me here at 
Pink Glitter!

Christmas hugs to each of you, sweet 

Until next time,

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