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Saturday, December 20, 2014

The Christmas Tour Continues......

Welcome back, Glitterinas!

Let's continue our tour of all 
things holiday at 
Five Gables Farm!

Into the woods we go......
oops, I mean into the 

I enjoy decorating the island in here.

This year we have a feather tree with
lots of tiny silverware and mercury glass

This tree is standing in an old galvanized 
bucket that Papaw gave to me.

I thought it was a mini trash can, but it has a small 
spigot on the side, so I think it must have had a different purpose.

Oh well, it's purpose now is to be cute....
do you like it, Glitterinas?

One of my Christmas glitter spoons is joining the other 
shiny items on this tree....kinda cute, huh?

I am lucky to have two nice windows above my sink.

I decorate here with things that I really 
enjoy looking at everyday.

Here's a very important question....

.....and here's a few more holiday touches tucked 
around the kitchen!

Snoopy is one of my very favorite 
cartoon characters.

When Husband and I went to look at dish patterns
before we got married, my Mom asked him to 
please not let me pick out anything with 
Snoopy on it!

Boy, she had lots of confidence in my taste,
didn't she?!

Well, no Snoopy dishes for us.....
but Husband did paint some rather cute
Peanuts ornaments for me.....

Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Lucy and the whole 
gang look very festive on their sparkly, silver 

I like the way the red berries on this garland show 
up on the white in the 
hall bathroom.

I like having touches of Christmas all 
around the house.....

.....aren't these Santas cute hanging out on the guest room bed?

Let me share just a few more pretties with you....

When I was a little girl, this elf sat on a 
kissing ball that hung in my bedroom door
every Christmas!

Now, he's the elf our grand-darlings search for
when they come to Gigi and Pop's house!

Do you remember getting these as party favors 
many, many Christmases ago?

The three smaller Santas are from my 1st, 2nd, and
3rd grade school parties.....

......the larger one always sat on our piano filled with 
little peppermint candies!

Gracious, these guys are almost as old as I am!

Glitterinas, thank you so much for taking a Christmas tour with me
and for letting me share some of my favorite 
holiday decorations with you!

Little Gingerbread Girl and I want to wish you and your
family a wonderful holiday season.....

......filled with joy, peace and many warm hugs!

Happy Birthday, Jesus!

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