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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Bye Bye August.....

 Hello September!

And hello to you, Glitterinas!

Thank you so much for taking a moment to stop by.

Since the month is changing, I think it's time to 
change up the mantel!

The wreath I made from vintage book pages has been 
here .....this is the first time I've had it 
hanging on my chippy post.

At the other end of the mantel is Mom's clock that Dad gave her
 one year on their anniversary.

 A strand of pearly home jewelry graced the very edge......

 ......but it's time to change things up!

When I decide it's time for Autumn decorations to go up, 
I want them to mix well with the decorations on the mantel..... I'm thinking burlap......





I had a fabulous idea while contemplating my cleared off mantel.....

pitch forks with burlap bows!!

Ok glitterinas, if you just snorted and rolled your eyes, 
you are not alone....

my husband's response was "What?!?!"accompanied by a 
shake of his head.

Not to's gonna be cute!

Here's a box of delicious ribbon that's 
going to work perfectly!

I have shared with you about digging around in my sweet 
father-in-law's barn.....well, these seriously pointy, rusty
jewels came home with me after our last digging adventure!

 These are the business ends of several old pitch forks.

I had absolutely NO idea what I was going to do with them when 
I found them.......I just knew I wanted them!

Let me show you how it all came together.....

this might be a good time to grab a nice beverage .....
I'm sharing lots of pictures!

Now for the burlap bows.....

This ribbon is very light weight burlap....I really like it!

Two of the rusty cuties got a small, flat knot 
instead of a bow.


I think this will work!

What do you think, Glitterinas?

Now, to add a few final touches.....

.....and tweak the placement.....

....back and forth with the candlesticks.

.....I think it's done!

At least for now.

When the pumpkins and scarecrows come marching out 
I think they'll fit in
 nicely with my pitch forks with burlap bows!

With the changing of the month, 
what will you be changing, Glitterinas?

Hugs and burlap,

For my Bunco Babes.....please notice that there's not 
a burlap back pack anywhere!

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