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Sunday, September 13, 2015

There's Just a Touch.....

.....of cool air in the mornings!

There's just a touch of color left in the 
flowers around the yard!

Small, bright splashes......

There's just a touch of longing for the summer
that whizzed by so very quickly!

While all the
"just a touch"
thoughts roll around 
in my mind.....

 My heart is doing a happy dance that Autumn 
is getting closer every day!

Autumn is my favorite time of the year!

How do you feel about autumn, Glitterinas?

 Little Garden Girl and I are both  
waiting anxiously..... WELCOME autumn to our little 
piece of Texas!

What are you looking forward to,


                                          Cooler temperatures?

                                                                    Football games?

                                                                                    Hot chocolate?

                                                                                                  Scarecrows and pumpkins?

Leave me a note and let me know......

Thank you so much for spending a moment or two 
with me today at Pink Glitter!

Hugs and glitter,

Thankful for~
my sweet and loving husband

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