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Monday, October 12, 2015

A Quilt and A Trunk

Hello Glitterinas!

I am lucky enough to have a quilt that belonged to 
my Grandmother 
that was made for her by HER grandmother!

When I was young it was always stored in my Mom's
cedar chest. This grandmother, Mom's mom, passed away
many years before I was born.

Sadly, I never got to know her but Mom told me many stories about her.

 When I would ask to see this quilt, Mom would get it out and tell 
me about it.  We handled it very little and very carefully.

I like to use it as a focal point in my fall
decorating because it's colors are

It's an amazing quilt!  It is in great shape.....
it has one little area where the stitches are coming loose.

I'm such a sentimental ol' girl......I love having this 
family heirloom.

This year I opened up my small, green, vintage trunk, folded another 
quilt and placed it down in the trunk. Then 
I draped my grandmother's quilt over the folded quilt.

I layered some pumpkins and scarecrows on top......

Wow, the lighting is different in each of these pictures, it
sure makes the trunk and quilt colors look different, doesn't it?

The top pic shows the truest colors of these
two little treasures.

I decided to use the trunk in the firebox area of the fireplace.

I have never used the trunk opened up before.

I really like it!

What do you think, Glitterinas?

Can I share a little more family history with you?  
Are you bored to tears?

If you need to be finished reading Pink Glitter now, I'll say "thanks"
for stopping by today!

Here's the rest of my sharing.....

This little trunk belonged to my Mom's grandpa.

When his family came to Texas,
in a wagon,
 he was lucky enough to have 
a whole trunk to himself to pack his belongings!

Mom said he was a quiet man, but some days he would 
tell her stories of things he'd done in his younger days!

I have a picture of him with his family.....they are 
all gathered in front of their home near Cleveland, Texas.

He is second from the right.

My Mom's mother is the young girl on the far right!

Third from the left is my Great Aunt Ida......when I was 
growing up, she was one of my favorite people in the world!

Well, that's enough from me about some of my
sentimental, family treasures!

Thanks so very much for letting me share my 
quilt and little trunk!

What sentimental items do you enjoy 
in your home, Glitterinas?

Until next time.....

Hugs and glitter,

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