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Friday, December 16, 2016

A Walk Through Our Home!

Welcome, Glitterinas!

I am so glad you stopped by....
grab a beverage and get settled in your 
favorite chair.

I want to share some of the 
Christmas touches in our home 
this season.

I love these Christmas soldiers.....
when they aren't serving yummy food
they stand at attention in a tall, glass vase.

Aren't they handsome?

The dining room table is sporting a pair of 
red berry and holly topiaries.....

.....and a hurricane glass filled with lots 
of sparkly silver with a touch of red.

Happy Birthday, Jesus!

This banner helps me remember 
to find JOY in each day!

Merry merry from Santa!

This cute fellow has been adding holiday 
charm and music to my Christmas 
since I was a small girl!

He is over 50 years old 
and still playing a happy tune!

This is my elf......he's been around since 
I was a little girl!

He showed up this year with a secret message 
and an elf secret decoder!

The grand~darlings enjoy playing games,
so, Gigi has a basket of Christmas fun
 just waiting for them!

Our stockings are hung.....

.....the tree is decorated....

......and I am hoping....'s not too late to be good!

Thanks for taking time to drop by and visit with me 
here at Pink Glitter!

I really appreciate you letting me share 
our holiday home with you.

I'll leave you with this wish.....

Merry Christmas, Glitterinas!


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