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Monday, January 9, 2017

Baked Artichokes

Let's head to the kitchen 
today, Glitterinas!

I want to share a way to eat 
artichokes with you that's not 
a dip.

We love hot artichoke and spinach dip....
We eat it at home and we eat it out.

Tonight, we're having baked artichokes 
with dinner!

Shall we start?

Begin by draining and chopping 
a can of artichokes..... can buy fresh and clean them
use frozen,
but we like the marinated, quartered 
artichokes the best.

 Place the chopped artichokes into 
a baking dish in an even layer.

This recipe makes about 4 servings
which is just right for the two of us.

Doubling or tripling this recipe is 
easy to do for serving a larger group.

Add some salt and fresh ground pepper 
to taste.

Add a little garlic, if your diners 
like garlic.
I use minced garlic.....

Sprinkle some fresh grated Parmesan cheese over the
artichokes followed by a layer of plain 
bread crumbs.

Then sprinkle the whole dish 
with lemon juice.

That's all the prep there is!

This dish is ready for the oven.....

Tonight I'm serving these artichokes with 
meat loaf.

I'll bake them together.....

the artichokes bake for about 30 minutes,
and the meat loaf bakes for about 55 minutes
at 350 degrees.

The table is set and ready for dinner....

I'm using some of my 
Pioneer Woman napkins.

They add a bright, pretty dash of color 
to the table.

These napkins wash so nicely and look good 
with so many table settings.

Here's dinner.....

time to eat!

Boring looking picture....

but a yummy dinner!

Now don't be jealous of our fancy dessert.....

.....cherry jello!


Yes, there's always room for jello!

I hope you'll give this artichoke recipe a try.

Let me now how it turns out....

leave me a note so I'll know you stopped by!

Stay warm and happy if it's chilly where you are....

stay cool and happy if it's sunny where you are!

Until next time, Glitterinas,

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