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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Stuffed Zucchini......A Yummy Recipe

I want to share a recipe that uses 
some delicious, fresh summer bounty,

Our garden is providing us with so
much tasty produce I have to 
cook with it every day to keep up!

Today I want to share a 
zucchini recipe with you.

Let's head to the kitchen and get busy.

Begin by slicing two zucchini in half 
lengthwise and removing some of the middle pulp.

Then in a baking dish that's been sprayed with non-stick 
spray, place some herbed tomato sauce and the 
cut zucchini.

Lightly salt and pepper each.

Bake the zucchini at 350 degrees for 20 minutes.

While that's baking.....

......brown a pound of lean hamburger meat.
I added some Herbes de Provence and some 
shallots....use your favorite savory hamburger spices.

And I set the table.

Now it's time to fill the zucchini with lots of yumminess!

Seasoned hamburger meat goes in first....

.....then some more of the herbed tomato sauce.

I used some homemade tomato sauce I made 
that had mushrooms in it.

My tomato sauce turned out pretty good this year.
Some years it's the perfect candidate for the drain....
but this year I guess the culinary stars were all lined up!

The last little bit went onto the plates.

I used this jar up but luckily the batch made 
a couple of large jars, too!

Next, I piled on some grated cheese....

.....and lastly I sprinkled a good amount of panko
bread crumbs over the top.

This dish is ready for another trip into the oven.

Still 350 degrees.....this time for 10-12 minutes.

I checked on my dish and it was all good and melty.

I like the top browned, so....

...... I turned the 
broiler on for a couple of minutes.

Watch this step not walk away 
from food browning under the broiler!

Ooooh, yummy!
Gooey, hot and ready to eat!

The zucchini had baked into soft, melty 
holders of goodness!

So, I used a long, narrow spatula to 
place them on our plates.

This entree would make a nice meal served with 
bread, a salad, your favorite herbed rice....

but today I'm serving it with 
pickled cabbage and cauliflower.

I have never been much of a cabbage fan but 
I pickled a couple of heads of cabbage that 
husband grew....and guess what?!

I really enjoy pickled cabbage!
I'm glad I tried it!

Dinner is ready....let's eat!

We both cleaned our plates....husband 
cleaned his twice!

So it's time for a little something sweet....

...... zucchini bread!

These cute loaves were made using 
gold zucchini!

Thank you so much for stopping by and 
letting me share with you,

I really appreciate you taking time 
to read each post here at 
Pink Glitter!

I love to hear from you and what you think
about the posts you read, leave me a comment
and share what you think!

Zucchini love,

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