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Thursday, September 5, 2013

A Simple Cilantro Sauce.....yum!

Hello Glitterinas!

Dinner time comes around every day, doesn't it?

Some days I look forward to preparing dinner and some days not so much.....

I recently went into the kitchen with an idea for a meal that I was definitely looking forward to it turned out, it was fun and simple to make, looked so nice plated up and, most importantly, was yummmmmy!

Let me share....

I roasted two Cornish game hens.  Nothing new or very exciting about that..... I had an idea for  something new, though..... a cilantro sauce to serve over the game hens.

I started by chopping up a bunch of cilantro.....medium chop.....

I chopped the stems off and put them in the bowl of kitchen scraps for my chickens.  They enjoy a little cilantro, too!

Place about two thirds of the chopped cilantro in a small mixing bowl.  Add one third cup of mayo...I use real mayo....add two tablespoons of ranch dressing and salt and pepper to taste.  Chop a bit of onion....I used white onion....add two tablespoons of the chopped onion to the cilantro mixture.  Stir, stir, stir!

Place the mixed sauce into a small, serving container.

Dinner was almost ready and I wanted the sauce to be room temperature, so it was ready for the table.  If you make this up and aren't ready to serve it, pop it into the refrigerator and then take it out to come to room temp. before serving it.

Now, doesn't that look pretty on the table?

When the timer finally buzzed and the game hens were ready, I plated them with brown rice and green beans.  I spooned some cilantro sauce on each bird and sprinkled some of the chopped cilantro over the plates.

The kitchen smelled so good....husband was hovering by the table ready to eat as soon as the plates hit the table.  He was so sweet and patient as I snapped a couple of pics.....he just stood by his chair and smiled and asked "Did you get a good picture of our dinner?"  He is such a great guy....I am blessed!

Nothing fancy about this meal....but it sure was yummy!  We decided this cilantro sauce recipe was certainly a keeper.  Fresh cilantro is one of husband's favorite herbs.  I am glad this sauce turned out to be a delicious topper for our game hens.

There was a bit leftover, so.....

It was spooned over the leftover rice and chopped cilantro that went into a container for a midnight snack!  Husband said it was very good over rice!  Yay!

I hope you'll try this simple and yummy sauce....what do you think it would be good served with?

Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing dinner with us!

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