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Friday, September 13, 2013

Fluff the comes the pumpkins and scarecrows!

Hello Glitterinas!

Welcome to Pink Glitter....I am ready to decorate for Fall, are you?

I am moving some things around and cleaning....and moving a few more things and dusting....and then finding one more thing to move, constantly mumbling now where does this want to live?

I think the fireplace and mantel are finally ready......

Our mantel is one gigantic piece of cedar.  The tree was cut down here on the land where our house was built in 1930.  The mantel and the fireplace are original to the house.

Ready with some spaces to tuck in some pumpkins....dried corn.....another candle.....a scarecrow or two.....

Can you see some spaces?  

I know that I have lots of "things"....but I really like my "things" and I do put some stuff away when I change seasons.  

This is where my husband would laugh and say "for every container that goes out to the store room, two come in!"  Hmmmm, he could be right.....but you won't hear it from me!

Oh, here they are.....ready to come inside and look cute.....

Now the fun begins!

I will share some more snaps when there are fun, Fall things looking cute in the house!

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I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


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