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Monday, September 9, 2013

It's football time......whooooop!

Hello Glitterinas!

I am so glad you stopped by to see what's shakin' at Pink Glitter.

Do you watch football?  High school, college, professional....

Are you a football fan who watches all the games and can't wait for the next game to start....or do you have one team that you love, love and pour all your spirit out on them?

At the Pink Glitter house we have one team and all the love flows to them!  It's our college team....the Aggies of Texas A&M University.

OK.....I understand that I probably just lost some readers....that's OK, I know, I know.....but you should love your college and support your college with your time, energy, money and love.....and don't forget the t-shirts and bumper stickers!

We are enjoying the start of fall football at our house.  Win, lose, or tie, we love our Aggies!

Dinner before the first football game of the season was at this table.....

Some of the table setting pieces I use over and over and some are disposable.....the smaller maroon plates are disposable and so are the smaller cups.  

I "won" the Aggie table setting items at a fund raiser several years ago....the Aggie table was, of course, our favorite so I had to bid on it..... the other bidders dropped away until I was the last one bidding!  Yay!  The money was being raised for a good cause so that made it even better!

Let me show you some close ups of the table....

Did you see the little dog?  That's Miss Reveille.  She's our mascot......and I got to have my picture taken with the real Reveille at a party!  She is so sweet to sit and have her picture taken.....I hope she knows just how much people love her!

She also came to our house for a pool party..... lots of snaps that day, too!

Thanks for letting me show off Miss Reveille!

Back to our pre-game dinner.....

Dinner was simple....meatballs, broccoli, wild rice and fresh fruit, iced tea and water.  We ate dinner and then enjoyed the game.  

I get a little excited yelling for the Aggies....our dogs generally leave the room.  They think I get way too involved in the game!  I don't apologize, though, I love my Aggies!

During the game, I sometimes enjoy this....

....which I open with my Aggie bottle opener!  I won it at "Aggie Bash".....a party we attend each summer.  

The bottle opener plays the Aggie War Hymn when used.  

Did you just roll your eyes?!  

People frequently do when I share that little bit of info!

Oh well, whether you are a rabid football fan or a calm one, like my sweet husband, I wish you a wonderful fall football season!  

If you have a loved one who plays, I pray for their safety!

If you are not an Aggie, thanks for sticking with me through lots and lots of maroon!

If you are an Aggie.....join me......whooooop!

Thank you again for stopping by....if you are not a follower of Pink Glitter please consider joining me!

Gig 'em Aggies!


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