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Saturday, November 9, 2013

A Rusty Wire Rack and a Few Plates

Hello Glitterinas!

Do you like to shop in antique stores?  I do.

Do you prefer the fancy ones or the junky ones?  I like to look in the fancy ones and buy in the junky ones!

I have to tell you about one of my favorite junk places.......Papaw's barn!

Dig, dig, dig.....oh, a treasure!

Dig, dig, dig......oh, a mouse has been here....don't touch that, get the shovel!

Dig, dig, dig......oh, another goodie!

The last time several of us got together to help clean out part of the old barn we each had a "keep" pile....there were throw away piles, burn piles, maybe piles, save get the picture!

When I find treasures at Papaw's the price is always right....I ask if I can have it and he takes a look at it, usually laughs, and then says yes!  Sometimes he has a story to go with the treasure!

A treasure in my keep pile was a rusty wire was probably used to display things on a counter in some store.

I brought it home and cleaned it up.  That little rusty rack was just waiting for inspiration to hit my feeble brain.....

Then one day......inspiration struck.....would it be sturdy enough to hold plates?  I gave it a try. would!

I just started standing plates in the sections of the rack.....

my Thanksgiving plates, 

one of grandmother's everyday plates, 

some yellow, Fiesta plates.... that make me think of Shylo, a friend of Ashley's, who collects Fiesta,

some small pumpkin plates,  a couple butter pat dishes and bone plates for the front,

a cornucopia plate.......this was fun!

A piece of pink depression glass is tucked in the middle and there are two smiling jack o lanterns that will have to come out since their season has passed.....sadly, the cute spider runner will have to be put away!

I tucked some orange and black garland around the bottom edge of the rack.....

Hmmmm, not sure I like, out it comes.

Better......yes, I like it!  

Mr. Scarecrow agrees!

I like playing with dishes....this is really fun.  

I wonder how much time I'll spend fiddling with the dishes in this little ol' rusty rack?

Here is the other side of the island table.....showing the back of the rack.  You can see the carafe filled with rocks holding a tall branch.  At Halloween I had some funny little signs with trick or treaters and witches hanging on it.  For Thanksgiving time it will be our Thankful Tree.

Already a tweek.......I added a metal pumpkin on the left.

And another tweek......a small pumpkin plate on the lower right....and I moved the pink depression glass plate in front of grandmother's white plate.

Uh oh.....I could fiddle with this all day....

What about dinner.....let's eat out!

What about the laundry.....don't make me laugh....

Well, I have some dishes to play with.....but I thank you very much for stopping by Pink Glitter today!

Count your blessings!  I count you as one of mine!

Until next time,

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  1. I love this post, Tammy! I can find myself "lost to the real world" for hours when I start crafting. Your new plate display looks awesome!