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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Give Thanks!

My favorite holiday meal is just over the horizon,

Thanksgiving dinner

I love that this special holiday is rooted 
right here in America!

I love all the planning and preparations that go 
into this gathering of family and friends!

Deciding what we'll eat.....
everybody has their favorite food 
that must be served while I like 
to slip in new recipes, too.

Choosing how to set the table.....
I like to include are my brown transfer ware 
plates with handsome Mr. Turkey right in the center.

Checking my cookbooks for recipes.....
some are ingrained from years of making them, but 
any new ones must be completed with the 
help of a recipe.

Making my grocery list....
I love grocery shopping!

Usually the first thing I check off my list for
Thanksgiving day is getting 
the house all set.

I just have a few items that are uniquely
for Thanksgiving....each year it's good to see them!

I'll probably share our Thanksgiving feast 
with you in a future post, Glitterinas. 

 But right now I'd like to show you what I've 
done to get ready for Thanksgiving so far.....

Halloween jack-o-lanterns have been replaced 
with a few extra pumpkins here by 
the fireplace.

The Give Thanks banner really sums up, for me, what 
Thanksgiving is all about!

Here's a closer look.....

I believe this pretty printable came from 
Craftberry Bush.  

I like it stacked with a mirror on the 

Here's a few more seasonal pretties scattered around.....

......all these items mix in nicely with my Fall 
pretties that go up in September!

On the dinning room table I'm using a new,
seasonal bucket I found....

.....goes right along with the spirit of the season.

The lovely turkey on my Thanksgiving plates is 
not the only handsome guy that helps 
us celebrate this season.....

.....this tall guy always finds himself in a place of 

I have so much to be thankful for..... "thankful" list grows longer 
and longer every year!

Each of you who find time in your busy 
days to read the thoughts I share here at 
Pink Glitter
are on my list!

Now, it's time for me to go and play with some 
dishes.....what's going to look fabulous with this guy?

Hugs and glitter,

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