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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Happy Veteran's Day

I want to take a moment to say 
Thank You 
all the women and men 
of our armed services.

This is a picture of my Dad when he was 
in the Air Force in World War II.

He was a tail gunner and his plane was 
shot down over France.

Dad was a German POW 
for almost 2 years.

When anyone tried to thank Dad for 
his service he'd simply say it 
was his duty as an American 
citizen.....then he'd promptly change the 

Shake a vet's hand and thank them for their can be today....


...or next month.

The cute, little guy in this family picture grew up to be 
my Dad.....he was always handsome, wasn't he?

I wonder if he knew he'd grow up 
to be a hero?

I am so glad you took a moment to 
read this post!

Please join me in saying "Thank You" 
on this Veteran's Day.

Until next time,

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