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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

It's Almost Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow, Glitterinas.

My list of things to be thankful for 
grows longer each year!

Thank you, Lord, for all the blessings 
you pour out on me every day!

I hope you have safely arrived at your destination, if you are traveling.

I hope you have completed all your 
grocery store runs, if you are hosting and cooking!

We are having Thanksgiving dinner here 
at Five Gables Farm tomorrow evening.

My husband and I tell each other 
often that Thanksgiving dinner is 
our favorite meal of the year!

It's finally happening tomorrow.....

.....all the things I have to do are getting checked off 
my master list.

The foods to prepare on today's list 
the dressing and
the green bean casserole.

Check.....and check!

The desserts are all baked and 
the other sides are all ready to go 
tomorrow.  The turkey roasts are thawed 
and just hanging out in the fridge.

When I finished all the was time for 
the fun!

I gathered up all the dishes I wanted to use to set the 

decided how to fold the napkins....

chose the candles....

and brought the name cards from 
my craft desk.

Youngest daughter is home and was a good 
assistant decorator for this table.

We stacked these plates on the 
brown chargers.....

....isn't he a handsome guy?

 Next, we added these leaf salad plates....

....and silver

....and napkins

....and crystal.

These pretty glasses were gifted to me by a 
Bunco Friend! 
They were her Mother's.

I know I'll enjoy using them again and again!

Thank you, again, Dana.....
you are a sweetie for thinking of me.

On top of each napkin we placed one of my 
small, vintage molds and filled each one 
with some pumpkin candies.

I think our youngest grand~darling will help anyone that needs 
help eating their pumpkins.....he's very helpful that way!

We are not having a fish course, but I'm using some of 
my bone dishes anyway.

They'll be serving as butter/bread plates for our 
dinner tomorrow.

The grands have their own Thanksgiving 

Before I know it, they'll be too old to eat on these 
cute dishes any longer.

My burlap runner was crowding the two place settings 
on the end of the table..... I tucked a little bit of the runner 
underneath itself.....

....and everything fits so much neater!

I couldn't resist giving the candles a test light!

Pretty, huh?

Last but not least, the name cards....
well, they're really not cards....but 
they do have our names on them.

I think they'll be a fun surprise 
for everyone!

Have a lovely evening, Glitterinas!

Thanks so much taking time to open and read 
this post on 
Pink Glitter!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hugs and glitter,

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