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Friday, September 23, 2016

I Love Scarecrows, Yes I Do! I Love Scarecrows, How 'Bout You?

Oh, Glitterinas.....
Fall is here! 

The weatherman tells me cooler days 
are on their way.....
September is marching on rather 

This is exciting for me because 
I am getting my scarecrows and other 
Fall decorations out!

Fall is my favorite season! 

I like it because the weather 
cools off a bit, I make yummy 
recipes that have pumpkin in them, 
I get to watch my college 
football team, and 
I decorate with some
really cute scarecrows!

Yes, that's definitely why I love Fall!

Look at these cute smiles....

Don't they make you want to smile, too,

I've had this guy since our oldest daughter 
was a little girl!

That little girl now has three cuties of her own....
10 years, 8 years, and almost 6 years!

These scarecrows just keep smiling 
through each and every Fall.

This happy guy is my newest addition to 
the scarecrow crew.....

.....he's sitting by the fireplace this year to 
help keep an eye on all the pumpkins....

.....I'll share more pumpkin cuteness next time.

Thank you so much for stopping by,

I thank you for letting me share these 
smiling straw friends with you!

Come on cool weather......
Tammy's got a new sweater!

Smiles to you,

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