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Friday, September 30, 2016

Autumn.....All Over the Place!

 What's your favorite season, Glitterinas?

My favorite has just arrived.....on the calendar, anyway!

So, I brought out my Autumn 

My grand~darlings helped!

They each have their favorites......
and wanted to help me make sure 
things are arranged just so......

I store some seasonal things in cabinets 
in our dining area.

Here are the things I retrieved......

......I was smiling and whistling while I 
brought these pretties out of their storage places.

The grands laughed.

My helpers and I put some things away to make room for 
these autumn lovelies.

Then we got busy placing this and that 
where it would look nice!

Let's take a tour of the house.....

.....the den has more fall touches than any other room.

This little silver frame holds one of my favorite 

I made this collage from a vintage book page, 
a vintage Halloween post card,
some scraps of Halloween paper, and 
 little bits of sparkly trim.

More touches of Halloween will join this little collage
when October arrives.

If you like this little collage,
you could make one, too!

Let's keep walking......

The kitchen has it's share of fall touches, too!

The grands enjoy all the pretties we put out in 
the dining room.

They like to talk about who arranged what 
while we eat dinner.

These teeny, tiny pumpkins are really fun 
for them to move around!

This old, rusty wire display piece is one 
of my favorite pieces to arrange.

I could play with dishes all day....

.....see, here's another attempt .....

.....I seriously doubt the dishes will stay this way 
for long!

The grands enjoy eating from these pumpkin plates....

....the matching mugs are fun, too

Let's see a couple more small touches....

......hall bath room....

......and finally, the guest room.

Where do like to add fall touches in your house,

Inside or outside.....
or both?

Thanks for walking through our house with 

I appreciate you letting me share the fall 
touches that decorate our house.

I hope the weather is cooling off 
where you are!

Until next time,

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