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Saturday, February 4, 2017

Grand~Darlings Get Very Creative

I don't need to tell you how proud 
of our grandchildren we are!

I will tell you about the projects the 
girls made to enter in the 
project show that is coming up 
in their school district.

Oldest cutie found an amazing piece of 
bark/root off of an old, dead tree that was cut down.

She was very intrigued with this and wanted to use it 
for her project.

She and her Dad sanded and smoothed and worked 
on this piece of wood to get it to 
sit nicely....
it was going to be a centerpiece!

She and Pops shopped for succulents and other 
items to make this project amazing.

Each piece was carefully arranged....

and clipped.....

and hot glued into just the right place.

They gathered up some very interesting moss 
and lichens to use, also.

The time and creativity put into this project 
really paid off.

The finished centerpiece is wonderful.

There have even been requests for several more....

friends want one for their home!

What do you think of this succulent centerpiece,

Didn't she do a nice job?

Let's change gears to fairy gardens and take a look 
at another project!

This grand is all about fairies!

She has been wanting to construct a fairy garden
for a this was the perfect time!

She started out by gathering sticks....a whole bucket full....
to use in building the fairy cottage that would be in her 
fairy garden!

It's amazing what sticks, hot glue and some 
card board can transform into....

She and Pops used popsicle sticks and more hot glue 
and card board to make a very fun roof for the 
fairies' cottage.

She spent some time painting the roof, the door, and 
a shutter to make them look just right!

Pops got to take another shopping trip to buy 
plants that would complete the fairy garden.

Everything was ready to plant and assemble....

She was very happy with the way her 
fairy garden was looking.

Here's the finished fairy garden.....

Somebody looks very pleased with their work!

Both girls worked hard on these 
projects.....and Pops needs a pat on the back, too,
for knowing just when to offer help
 when to step back and let our 
creative grand~darlings go to town!

You know I am so glad when you take time 
to stop by 
Pink Glitter 
and see what shakin' ......

there's always something going on!

Leave me a comment.....

 so I know you stopped by....

and let me know what you think of 
the girls' projects!

Thanks, Glitterinas, you are the best!

Hugs and glitter,

P.S. The project show was a success for both grands.
They each got a blue ribbon for their project 
the fairy garden won Grand Champion of the 

It was a fun day!

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