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Friday, February 17, 2017

Warm Up with Beef Stew

Hey, Glitterinas, 
is it cold where you are?

We are having typical Texas weather....

cold for a few days...

then warm and sunny for the next few days!

I have to leave cold and warm weather 
clothes out....and night gowns, and get the picture.

I try not to whine too much.....I could be hip deep in snow!

During our last cold snap 
I made a yummy beef stew 
for dinner.

I want to share my stew recipe with 
you today.

This is not a hard recipe, none of my recipes are, 
but it does need time to simmer after it's 

If you already have a favorite stew 
recipe, compare it to this one 
and let me know how they differ.

Let's get busy, Glitterinas!

Chop four stalks of celery 
and half a white onion.

Into a deep dutch oven on 
medium high heat, 
add 3 T. butter and the 
chopped onions.

Then add the celery,

.....stir, stir....

and let the onion and celery cook 
until they are transparent.

The next ingredient to add is
a handful of small carrots.....

......and  then the next ingredients are all 
just added one right after the other.

Stew meat, about a pound and a half...

.....there are many types and cuts of 
stew meat available, 

but I like pieces that 
are chunky and large enough to cook 
for the longer amount of time stew 
requires .....

and not cook down into 
minuscule meat pieces.

If you are lucky enough to have a butcher that you 
like, talk to them about the best cut of stew meat to 
use for this recipe.

Having a butcher who is knowledgeable and will 
take time to help you learn how to cook different 
types of meat is a wonderful resource.

Back to our stew... add

beef stock,

.....and 4-5 chopped potatoes.

You can make your own stock with 
bones, veggies, spices and water.....

or use already prepared stock from your 
favorite grocery store.

Sometimes I have to add a bit more water, 
to get the level of liquid I want.

I like the liquid level to cover all the 
ingredients well.

We'll let the stew simmer now 
for 2-3 hours.

I place the lid on the dutch oven with a small 
space left open for steam.

Reduce the heat to low and go read a 

or fold laundry....

or do any of the two million things 
on your to-do list.

The kitchen smells so amazing when 
stew is simmering away.

This makes a hot, delicious, 

It can be served with bread, corn bread,
and/or a salad for a complete dinner.

I hope you will try this beef stew recipe 
and let me know how it turns out.

As always, 
thank you so much for taking time 
out of your busy day to stop by 
Pink Glitter!

Until next time,

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