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Monday, March 6, 2017

A New Good Looking Office

 I want to share our youngest daughter's 
new office.

She moved from one college to another 
at Texas A&M University 
as an Academic Advisor II.

She liked the new, very tech-y building she 
moved into....

she likes the parking situation....

she loves the people she gets to work with.....

she thought her office was just 
blah, though.

Gigi to the rescue.....just point me in the 
direction of a decorating project 
and I am one happy ol' girl!

We shopped for some interesting things 
to use in the new office.

We looked at many color combinations....
and finally decided on yellow and gray.

I would have bet that turquoise would be in the 
mix somehow.....glad I didn't actually put money on 
the new color scheme!

We schlepped all the boxes, bags and 
totes stuffed with the treasures 
into the lobby of her new building.

Her diplomas were in the mix, too!
Those framed pieces of paper are something Gigi and Pops are both 
very proud of.

Then everything went up the elevator....

and into the office that was about to fall prey to Gigi's
arranging, and re-arranging and shuffling around.

This is a nice office space.....

good furniture,
nice big window,
desk and credenza with plenty of work room....

.....but it does need a bit of personality!

And then.....
as if by magic.....

I was asked if I minded working alone for 
a while because my two helpers had some things 
they each needed to go take care of.

Oh my goodness.....I couldn't shoo them out 
fast enough!

I had so much fun unpacking all the pretties we'd
bought for the office...

Previously, at home.....

Daughter said she wanted a set of clip boards to 
arrange on the wall.....

 to hold paper work that 
she used every day.

We bought gray and yellow spray paint.

We taped off stripes and sprayed each clip board with it's
own design.

We decided to use three regular sized and 
three small clip boards.

Here are our finished products....they look nice!
More importantly, the occupant of the new office liked them!

Back at the office.....

I snipped ribbon....arranged preserved boxwood orbs....
moved this here.....and that there.....
clipped price tags and stood back and stared!

As the office came together, I felt very happy.

Our girl would be working, in the real 
world, doing an important job here.

And I helped make it a happy place for her!


The banner layed out on the table 
is yellow and gray wooden pennants that I hung 
on this wall.....

there is another one hanging in her nice, big window.

This is a framed wipe off board for her 
office door.....students can leave her a message if they want.

The Aggie bib in her basket stack is a bib she received 
when she was born.

We prayed that our baby would grow up to be a 
fine, Christian, intelligent, thoughtful
contribution to the world.

The Lord came through in this young lady's life.
She's amazing......
and she's not our only daughter!

Our oldest daughter is an amazing 
child of God, wife and Mom!

We are proud parents!

I finished arranging and was happy with this 
space when daughter and her dad got back.

Everybody was happy with the office's new look!

This is her view out the window.....pretty, huh?

I thought I had a snap or two of daughter in her
newly decorated space.....

Oh well, believe me, please, when I tell you 
she likes working here.

I also added a plug in wax scent
diffuser.....vanilla and cupcake.

Oooooh, it makes her office smell 
so good!

She has been enjoying her pretties
in her newly decorated 
and pleasantly scented office 
for a while now.....

....all the reviews I hear about 
things are good!

Her job makes her life better,
and makes her happy.

Helping make her job better 
makes me happy!

Thank you so much,
for stopping by and letting me share 
with you today.

 2017 is flying by,
I hope yours 
is off to a wonderful start!

Big hug,

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